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    Midway, Murphy, Durango and others

    Hey there, since Wedge did some work in providing me with images a while back, I thought the least I could do is to show the results before they only lie around on my HD :) Since I'm currently doing a break on WingCommander I wanted to show some other models too, it will take a while before I...
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    Can someone provide me a few images ?

    Hello, i'm currently trying to create some high detail models from the WCP and WC4 Capital ships. Unfortunately, It seems that I have lost my Disks while moving into the new appartment. So I would be very happy if someone could provide me with a handfull images from the games, most...
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    Kilrathi Scetch modelled

    Hey Guys, since my life is changing (for good :) ) I made a cleanup of my PC, which I will most likely not going to use a lot anymore :) But I found that baby here I made a few months back in a final attempt to going back to modelling. But I think it would be a shame to waste the model file and...
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    NEWS : Relaunch !

    For this week's update, we have a lot of things to share! First off, the Wing Commander Saga team has revamped it's website. Our web page has been completely overhauled for your convenience with a more user-friendly and comprehensive layout. Stop by for a visit to check out preview trailers...
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    News : New Saga Artist and Saga Ferret !

    Since the release of the WC Saga prologue, several talented new people have joined the Saga team to help us make the full campaign. Today, we would like to introduce you to one of our new memebers: Adam "Klavs" Burch. Klavs has amazed the rest of the team time and time again with the speed at...
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    NEWS : Ingame HUD System

    In addition to the last last update that brought up a few questions regarding the HUD-System, we decided to bring you people a few more informations about it. Wing Commander Saga currently features a multifunctional HUD display. Through the HUD, the player can check on vital ship’s systems...
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    The show must go on

    Now, with the current situation cleared out again, we could finally get back to business. I'm going to post this here as a result of our decisions we took out of the situation within the last few days and what we discussed a few minutes ago. In conjunction to this post here ...
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    WC-Saga mentioned in german magazine

    Gamestar, one of the largest german computer games magazines, has published an article featuring Wing Commander Saga. The article can be found on the August 2006 issue (available June 28th) on page 153. We have included the scanned version below, and here is a translation of the article itself...
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    Assault shuttle upgrade

    For today's update we would like to showcase our final version of the Confederation assault shuttle. This beautiful ship has been modelled and textured by our new team member, Scooby Doo, who joined us a few weeks ago and has been working at full speed ever since. You can expect to see more of...
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    Hello again, because many have requested it, we have now created a few small videos of the gameplay as a demonstration and to give you more insight into the game. Maybe they are a little rough due to the compression (and certainly don't represent the real ingame graphic), but for their...
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    Gameplay preview

    Hello, as promised we have prepared something to give you more insight into the game. Since we often get asked how WC-Saga will actually try to recreate the WC feeling in the Freespace 2 engine, we’ve constructed a small exhibit that demonstrates portions of the gameplay that we’ve refined for...
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    That's going on backstage !

    Hello, let me make a short summary of what has been done in the last couple of weeks : 1.) We’ve completed two more simulator missions that will be released as part of the prologue release package. We hope that these additional mission will raise the replay-value of the entire thing to...
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    Requesting correct Model-Credits

    To the Reckoning-Team : Hello, I have a problem with your newest release, namely this ship here. Though I have the intention of settling this in a peaceful way, I try to make it short and stay polite . This Carrier-Model is build and textured by the WC-Saga Team (Mostly Lynx...
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    Another wallpaper (110K image)

    Hey, since it is christmas, and some people, also in other places asked for a few more wallpapers, this finally gave me yesterday an idea of a good scene :) Again, I'm not sure about, if it inflicts with some of the story, and I'm also not 100% sure, if the grammar is correct and gives the...
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    I need a small Date-Information

    Hey there, I'm working on something, but to make it 100 % O.K., I should have a special date. AFAIK VegaPrime has been destroyed due to an orbital bombardement. When has this happened (month and year would be enough). Thanks. :) Regards Starman©
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    Frawqirg-class Destroyer Escort

    Hello folks, I have saved me this here as a christmas-present for you. Though even the very impressing standoff-mod has been released yesterday, I hope someone is still around reading this here :D Now before you enjoy the shots below, let me just give you the following on the way : Merry...
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    Amadeus-Class Transport

    Hello, next Ship in the line we wanna show you is the Confed-transport. ___________________________________________________________________________________________ The successor to the Drayman, Diligent, and Clydesdale transports, the Amadeus-class transport now serves as the mainstay of...
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    Another ingame Wallpaper!

    Hello Folks, I was a little bored this evening, and then I remembered someone requested a battle-wallpaper. Well, it is not really a battle, but shortly before one :) Note that all you see in this picture is from ingame-screenshots (no kidding :) ), only the fleet and the fighters were two...
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    To all staff-members !

    Hey Guys, pls take a look intó the "Starman's Capitulation"-Thread in the CIC-internal ! Thanks. :cool: (edit) Arrgh !, can't edit the subject, damn tippos :)
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    Wing Commander (Saga) Evolution-Shoots

    Hello folks, some time ago, I got a hang of the idea showing off the evolution the wing-commander universe has gone through, not at least because of this mod here. This should give you all a better insight in what you can expect when WC-Saga will finally be done. (The view-angle of WC3 and...