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    WC Prophecy (ITA) on ebay

    I hope i'm not breaking any forum rules by posting this link: if so, i do apologize.
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    Wing Commander 1 colour ribbons

    Hi everyone, i'm a long time player of the wing commander series since '90 and i always had this "desire" to see the Wing Commander 1 ribbons in color in the "claw marks" manual. Unfortunately they are almost all mixed up in the original manual. You can tell this because, despite they are in...
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    wonderful mod!!

    I just started playing this mod, since i recently started to read the Fleet Action novel so i think it does make sense. I really want to thank all the people who spent their time in creating this game... it's amazing the level of details you put into it, the intriguing story, the characters...
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    A returning pilot :)

    Hi everyone, i'm marcomads and i'm a "returning pilot". I had the pleasure to play both WC1 and WC2 in the early 90's then i had to stop. I came back again in the late 90's to play WCP (ans SO) but i never had the chance to fill the gap in between. Now, thanks to GOG and to the "hype"...
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    Secret Ops - High Res?

    Hi everyone, is there any high res patch for WCP-SO like the one for WCP? thanks for any answer marco
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    WCP- self destructing capships

    Is there any way to prevent enemy capships from self destruct upon arrival at nav point. I had this bug several times, especially in G'Wriss system mission2 (all versions) thanks