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    WCII carriers

    Is it just me, or do the Condordia and Escort carriers look like the USS Cygnus from "The Black Hole?" Wonder if any other WC ships are like this...
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    You know, I just saw the actor who played Captain Paulson (WCIV) on West Wing. Cool.
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    Quick Question

    Sorry this isn't related to WC, but I got nobody else to ask. When you apply to college, do you get your SAT score report and send it in with your application, or do you call up the College board and get them to send it to the school? These damned applications have got me all confused!
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    What do you guys think?

    I'm going to be selling my wing commander collection on eBay soon (crazy, but I need the $) and I'm not sure how to group it. I've got: Kilrathi Saga, IV, Prophecy, Academy, Privateer 1 and 2, Armada, WCII Deluxe, WCIII, WCI PCGamer, WCIV DVD Version, and strategy guides for WC 3-Prophecy...
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    Anyone know how to use moslo?
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    WC4 DVD

    Sorry, I'm not sure where to put this thread. Does anyone have a copy of the WC4 DVD that they have managed to get working with in-game movies? If so, how did you do it? Thanks
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    Awesome news for Secret Ops

    Hey guys (and gals), listen up! If you still want to get a copy of Secret Ops, it's still available at! At least the 115mb full version is. Alright!
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    Hey, I just read on another post that Maniac was married. THIS UPSETS MY WORLDVIEW. To whom? When? Why? Drunk? PLease explain!
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    Confed/Kilrathi Ordnance

    I was reading though my WCIII strategy guide (the origin one) and I noticed something with the fighters: Where the Heck are the missiles?!
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    WCKS Movies

    Hi. Anyone know where the movies are for WC3 in Kilrathi Saga? What I get are .iff's. If those are the movies, how do I convert them to .avi or whatever they are so I can play them w/ xanmovie or WMP. Thanks
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    WC3 Kilrathi Saga flight controls

    Anyone know how to make the fighter stop doing barrel rolls? It has nothing to do with the joystick, it keeps rolling even when I set it to keyboard or mouse. What are the keyboard keys that make the ship roll?
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    WC Game Plot Questions

    Playing WCKS, I got to thinking: How was the Concordia destroyed between WC2 and 3? Why did Maniac get left behind in the end of SO2? Why is Blair always getting the girls (Angel, Minx, Flint, Rachel) and not Maniac? Oh, I just noticed that Ellen Guon (coauthor of some WC novels) was the...
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    Music Locations

    Anybody know where the movies for WCIII and the music for the games are located in Kilrathi Saga? I tried the Ripper prog on WCIII's music.tre, but I ended up with .wav files I couldn't use. HELP
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    Kilrathi Saga Fullscreen

    ARRRRGGGGHHH! I finally get KS and I had it work for a few days. I had to reformat the drive and now when I play KS, the intro movie takes the screen but plays in a little 2x3 box at the top. WC3 also plays in a small window. Anybody know how I can switch them back to full screen?
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    Hi. I just got a copy of KS (SWEEEET), and I don't know how to get Xanmovie to work. I tried doubleclicking on the icon, but nothing happens. HELLP! Oh, and what the heck did the Origin people want us to be able to do with it? We "can't" extract the movies. WHY?
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    If you have Star Wars Rebellion...

    If you have the game Star Wars Rebellion for PC, check out this website: It's an editor site and there are downloads which include some ships from the WC Universe, Devestators, and Excaliburs among them.
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    Game box

    Anybody know where I can get a box for Kilrathi Saga? I just got it for my collection, but it doesn't come with a box, and I want one! I'd appreciate any answers ;)
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    Where are You?

    Reading all these posts in the Chat Zone makes me wonder, where is everybody from? I'm from New York. Where are you?
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    Captured WCIII Cruiser

    Funny thing happened yesterday as I was playing WC3. For the heck of it, I took out Maniac with a salvo of missiles, then I started shooting up the CVBG. They didn't even start shooting at me. I blew up the last cruiser (name was just Cruiser) and it said "I die for the glory of the Empire."...
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    Ripper 5 prog

    If anyone has downloaded the program Ripper 5 from the files section, does it work for you? I matter what I do, I always get some sort of runtime error. I would put this up in the tech support section, but the other times there were only 2 replies. Thanks