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    bug report - flying a rocket, P:R 1.2

    Hello It's me again ;) I've just captured an Image Recognition missile wit my Drayman and was able to ride it! Heck, I've even landed on the planet and bought myself an armor and ECM package! :D Ps. Is there a better way to report a bug than starting another thread on this forum?
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    bug report - damaged Demetria, P:R 1.2

    Hi I was in the bar at Annapolis refinery in Perry, talked with Kaydence when about 70% of Demetria appeared at the wall. Because there were no empty seats, she hadto stand and so, her emptyness was fully shown. Besides, fixers' legs don't fit the tables (which is seen at the attachment) but...
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    bug report - dockable capships

    Hi I searched this forum and haven't found anyone reporting this bug. When I had landed at the cap ship (dryman) during the side mission (rescuing the pilot) and tried to save and load, I found myself in space with mouse not working and my centurion constantly turning left. There was no...