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    Wing Commander Prophecy DVD Movie Upgrade Windows 10 (GoG)

    Hi all, How are you? Has anyone had any luck getting the WCP DVD quality movie upgrade working for WIndows 10? I installed everything (enhancement pack, opengl patch, highres movies in the MOVIE folder, etc) but when I run the game, and try to go to any scenes, it just shows a black screen...
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    Wing Commander IV GOG Dos Version Joystick Not Working with Logitech Extreme 3d Pro

    Hi fellow Wing Commanders, Hope all is well! I have a really strange issue. I have a Logitech Extreme 3d Pro Joystick that works perfectly with Wing Commander 2 and Wing Commander 3 (Gog editions) but in Wing Commander 4 the only thing that works is the trigger. Calibration works perfectly...
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    WC4 Mouse Problem

    Hi guys. I searched extensively for this topic on here and couldn't find anything, so I hope it hasn't been addressed already. I just installed my old copy of DOS Wing Commander 4 in Vista, got the 95 upgrade patch, and ran the game. In the movies, the parts where you select your choice...