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    What did Blair say?

    During the Kilrah trench run clip, Blair gets chased by a Vaktoth. The pilot taunts him and Blair replies "Have your ? now Kilrathi scum." I can't quite make out that word, so can someone please enlighten me?
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    WCP Soundtrack

    I found a copy of the WCP soundtrack quite by accident while browsing. What a thrill! :) Anyway I had a look on the back and there were 13 tracks and only two of them were by Cobalt 60. I thought Cobalt 60 did all of the WCP music. Anyone like to comment?
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    Regarding Metras' Nephilim Thread

    Um lately during my last few posts to that big 500+ Nephilim thread I got some memory error screen. However my post does go through & gets put at the top of the thread. Anyways, right now, the board lists the thread with Dark Tower as the last person to post, despite my last 2 posts. Has...
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    What's More Impressive?

    The Kilrathi fleet at the end of WC3 or the Confed fleet at the end of WC4? ------------------ Aide: "The Japanese ambassador is here to see you." Politician: "Is he angry about my protest over their continued whaling?" Aide: "I'm not sure. Does he normally carry a harpoon?" The Politician by...
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    TCS Agincourt

    As of this moment the card displayed on the main page shows the TCS Agincourt. It looks like the TCS Ajax. I thought the Agincourt was a Waterloo class cruiser from WC2 or is this a different ship? ------------------ So I told them straight - we'll decide how to spend our defence budget, not...
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    Kilrathi Evolution.

    From the games we can see that the Kilrathi are quite furry. We also know that their world is hot, dry & the opposite of humid. So I was wondering how they evolved all that fur. I mean wouldn't they have died from heat stroke or something? What do you think?
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    WC4 Ending.

    On the losing thread of WC4 when Tolwyn orders the attack on the Border Worlds, that final scene is somewhat vague. Was Tolwyn attacking a hidden Border Worlds fleet, bombing military bases or trying to wipe out the Border Worlders in their entirety?