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    Best superfighter

    Just thought I'd collect some more thoughts.......I always liked the Morningstar and the Dragon myself. I haven't put the Vampire in here, 'cos even though it is the most advanced fighter in WCP, it's not really a prototype superfighter in my humble opinion, just a really really, really...
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    Best race to fight against?

    The Kilrathi The Nephilim Confed Black Lance Border Worlds Other?
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    Kilrathi Saga

    I live in England. Where, oh where, can I get Kilrathi Saga? I miss the old games, and torpedoing my processor for WC1 n 2 is getting tedious, not to mention taking away gameplay. Is it possible to order it from anywhere?
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    Kiranka is the ruling clan at the time of WC3, yeah? As in Prince Thrakhath nar Kiranka? Would a suitable comparison be of the English Royal Family.....the ruling family are the Windsors, yet there are those of a different family name in the nobility (earls, dukes, even the late Princess of...
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    My God....challenging Cap Ships.....

    Has anyone else noticed that when you put Prophecy and Secret Ops up to Nightmare mode, the capital ships start firing their lasers in quads (like the Kilrathi Corvette), and actually USE their missile turrets a lot. True, the Bugs still can't fly worth a crap, but I always thought that the...
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    My comp HATES P2

    Hi. I've got all the WC games, and recently decided to get back into P2. ARRGH! My computer says there's no enough memory when I shell to DOS, yet it'll still run things like Prophecy. And it won't run it from Windows. In the words of Goblin : HEYULP!
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    Plunkett-class cruisers

    I mean....WOW. The Midway is the greatest and most formidable ship in the Confederate arsenal.......MY ARSE! Those Plunkett's would have taken out the Kilrah wormhole in about 12 seconds. If the Cerberus' plasma cannon was a source of fear for the enemy (and frequently the Confed pilot)...
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    Terran Academy

    Anyone ever go on that website? For some oscure reason, they've stopped taking tips, cheats, hints and tactics. WHY, OH, WHY!? There's always a new technique being developed, is there not?
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    Would it be practical for Origin?

    To redo Wing Commander 1 and 2 in the Vision engine? At the very least, I imagine it would appeal to the fans. Funnily enough, I preferred the WC4 engine to the WCP one. Although the Vision engine allowed greater tactical flying etc., Wing Commander 4's one did this with some more realistic...