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  1. Knight26-77

    New 3D Thread

    Love those renders. Starsiege video. You have my attention. I Liked the old Earth/Starsiege games, well not so much tribes, but the mech based ones for sure.
  2. Knight26-77

    New 3D Thread

    I've seen this kind of thing with "game meshes" they come out full of holes. You have to go into the modeler to fix it. Some programs I think can fix it automatically, but I'm not so sure. I do all my modelling in a solid modelling program so rarely see this issue, but it is correctable.
  3. Knight26-77

    New 3D Thread

    I should have taken pics of the BAC-Lightning at the air museum today.
  4. Knight26-77

    WC4 Fan Remake Revamps Lexington and Much More (March 4, 2022)

    Ok, so it's an issue with the original asset making those parking spots/maintenance bays too small and then the team kept them the same size as the originals.
  5. Knight26-77

    WC4 Fan Remake Revamps Lexington and Much More (March 4, 2022)

    Maybe it is me, but the Arrows look HUGE in those shots. Is that the correct size? I'd love to see the fighter all next to each other for a size comparison.
  6. Knight26-77

    Peeling More Layers of the Super Wing Commander Capship Onion (February 27, 2022)

    The Snakier always jumped out at me as an odd design when I first saw in SM2, way back in the early 90s. I wondered why it had such a massive forward bridge/observation deck, when we never saw anything like that before. At the same time, the those giant scoops/hangar bays again struck me as...
  7. Knight26-77

    Righteous Robot Recollection (November 5, 2021)

    I always thought it was a link/nod to Bioforge, making that game a part of the Wing Commander Universe.
  8. Knight26-77

    Defiance's Eyecandy Thread

    Lovely T-Bolt, are any of those details modelled in or just on the texture maps?
  9. Knight26-77

    Are there other "space carrier" novels out there with not too much "weird" elements but instead grounded military sci-fi?

    The Spiral Novels are ones I'd recommend.
  10. Knight26-77

    New 3D Thread

    You seriously need to put together a website with all of these and all the little fiction snippets, it would be awesome.
  11. Knight26-77

    OT: Visiting Seattle

    Don't forget the Boeing plant tour up in Everett. I work in Renton, but live across the sound near Bremerton. They have the naval surface and undersea warfare museums there, very cool. If you like cars, there is the LeMay Museum is Tacoma.
  12. Knight26-77

    BREAKING: WC Prophecy on GOG

    And now I can't get Secret Ops to run at all. I tried the same setting as Prophecy in the OGL setup and nothing. Is there another patch it needs?
  13. Knight26-77

    BREAKING: WC Prophecy on GOG

    Nevermind I figured it out, it was the FSAA, I had to keep it at 0 to run.
  14. Knight26-77

    BREAKING: WC Prophecy on GOG

    So I am having a strange issue. I installed the gog version, no problems there, tested it out, then went ahead with the upgrade. Now there are problems. When I load the game all I get is a black screen. I can tab around in the dark and guess my way into accessing movies and briefings. Those...
  15. Knight26-77

    New 3D Thread

    Beautiful work Klavs, I would so love to fly around in these. I wonder how mod able Squadron 42 will be, and if these could be used for a proper WC remake on there.
  16. Knight26-77

    Wing Commander Prophecy: Secret Ops Model Update Pack

    Long time, no posting. These are looking great, and I just reinstalled WCP, how long before the rest of us can play with these?
  17. Knight26-77

    Commissioned Naval Officer!

    sorry professional courtesy but I have to say this, Aerospace Engineers build weapons, Civil Engineers build targets. Seriously though congratulations.
  18. Knight26-77

    Crew Sizes and the Exeter

    Believe it or not this is the kind of feedback I have been wanting for this thing for a very long time. I originally wrote this strictly to illustrate the crew for one of my carriers, hence some oddities and inflated figures in some areas. I then noticed a need for something like this over on...
  19. Knight26-77

    RELEASE: Wing Commander II Campaign Demo

    Very cool, my question, unless there has been a change in the code, can the freespace engine handle branching storylines? And if not, how do you plan to handle that in the mod, pick a single track, possibly with the most missions and go with that?
  20. Knight26-77

    Crew Sizes and the Exeter

    Iceblade you just illustrated the reason why I made the calculator, 750 crew for a ship with 104 fighters, it can't work, you have a total of 65 guys, plus additional chiefs to service 104 fighters, even then you have them operating in two shifts a day, the only way that would work is if it 6...