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    SAGA Mod just mentioned in Belgian/Dutch gaming Magazine!

    Article is titled Freespace 2 mods It has a picture with the cloakable strakha titled Freespace 2 meets wingcommander? Cool! here is a rough translation, Congratulations guys, It's from the PC gameplay, het ultieme spelmagazine Year 13, nbr, 125, september 2006
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    Who did you smooch, Flint or Rachel?

    I know this must have been done a gazillion times but let's ask the question again: Who did you go for flint or rachel, when you got the choice in WCIII? I always smooched Flint.. I had the hots for that chick first time I saw her dream away looking at the stars in gunnery control.
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    The Allow the SAGA team back on CIC please Thread

    Seriously I know there are some assholes within the SAGA team and I also know they haven't actually released anything yet . Also I am pretty sure they weren't the ones harassing the HW2 mod.. actually they seem to like it a lot (although off course I can not prove any of that sadly) But...
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    Supported resolutions.

    Hey I was wondering what display resolutions is the game going to support? Cuz I got a new laptop with a 17" widescreen, and I love the 1440*900 res in a lot off games (specially HL2 and Guild wars) Is there an ini file in the game where you can set every res you like, or are all res's gonna be...
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    Vampire The Masquerade Bloodlines

    Hi I hear everebody talk about Half-Life 2 but how manny have tried Vampire Bloodlines yet? I finished HL2 in like 20 hours and yes it was an amazingly well polished and brilliant fps shooter... little short though. Lukely the release of HL2 meant that VtMB could finally be launched.. a game...
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    Best javaset player in the WC universe

    Hi all! I was wondering.. perhaps it would be fun to start a little contest on who is the best javaset player in the wc universe :). This can be done by playing the game (wich you can get here ) and sending me your...
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    Textured_Fighter for UT2004 map

    Hi, I'm working on a wing commander based UT2004 map, and the work is going nicely. The only problem i'm hitting right now is texturing of custom Meshes. You can find an example in this screenshot. As you can see a friend of mine...