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    Saga Releases Background Audio Track (May 28, 2009)

    I wouldn't call a 1650px × 1100px black image labeled wcsaga-cattexture26.jpg a "spacer image". And yes, I do have a problem with 'goofy jokes'. This was a post about Jeff Ball's music with a quote of Tolwyn's below it. The images are arranged to that data provided by us. So adding something...
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    Saga Releases Background Audio Track (May 28, 2009)

    If that is so, then I appologize. But I was approached and made aware of that picture with that reasoning behind it and it is after all a totally black picture. Again, if it is simply a "bug" then I appologize but even then it should be replaced by the correct picture.
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    Saga Releases Background Audio Track (May 28, 2009)

    Could you guys please remove that black fake texture from that news post? If the look of the game is too dark for you feel free to simply increase ambient levels in the final game's launcher. It's a simple as that. the screenshots were made with a certain ambient level that the team prefers...
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    Saga Unveils New Backdrops (May 7, 2009)

    In response to above concern... no.. this is not the "inside a nebula" view. That will be FS2 style with updated effects though. These are all "outside nebula" examples.
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    WC3 - Front Line

    Aww common people ;) There's gotta be more people can contribute here ;)
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    WC3 - Front Line

    Hi, thought this might become a fun discussion and source finding mission ;) Let's try and recreate the front line during the wc3 timeframe. I reduced it to Vega, Epsilon and Enigma for now. Let's make the date the day of Blair's assignment to the victory, meaning the meeting of Blair and...
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    Continuity Ending

    As long as it is made as a sequel to Prophecy and SecretOps, yes. The Nephilim would still be around.
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    Clearing things up

    Now before people are going to accuse me to start this thread only to safe my sorry a** I want to make some points clear. I write this because I think that even while it's been so long ago, some things still need some clearing up and have remained unexplained for too long and have offended too...
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    Continuity Ending

    Hehe.. in case Bob's answers are a little too short for you *g* here some additional comments. No we don't rescue him, he's considedered MIA/KIA in that game. Most of the crew, different ship and yes it's still the Nephilim It is a game released from Origin, and yes, basically it it...
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    Operation Clean Sweep-expanded(RAPIER 2 inside)

    I [...] give [...] fans [...] present[s]
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    Operation Clean Sweep-expanded(RAPIER 2 inside)

    [...] about [time someone did this :) !]
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    On what basis does WC 'jumping' work?

    Not entirely true. WC1 also talks about a Jump Space: "Halcyon: We’ve got a lot of work to do, people, so let’s get to it. The Tiger’s Claw dropped from jump-space seven hours ago, at 08:00."
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    On what basis does WC 'jumping' work?

    jeez don't take me that seriously *g* I was merely referring to the term and the feeling of hopping around meaning that it kinda annoyed me *g* I know it was no hopper drive.
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    On what basis does WC 'jumping' work?

    The term hopper drive always reminded me of Privateer 2. If that wasn't "hopping around between stars" then I don't know :D
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    Man! I forgot how great wing commander was!

    I'd say a console can match a PC for a short time, till the next development comes out for PC, which usually doesn't take long. The biggest advantage is probably the price. The biggest drawback is picture quality.. not because of the graphic chip but because it's limited by the TV it uses as a...
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    Is the FF Joystick not recognized at all or just its FF function? And what joystick is it exactly? Do you have the Win95 patch installed für WC4?
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    Help LOAF Make Documents

    @LOAF, I already sent you a PM (or two *g*) about this. I'd be glad to help you a bit with this stuff. I also wanted to discuss a few other points with you, so contact me via email or ICQ please? Thanks and CU
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    A couple of Wing Commander: Academy Series questions.

    Taken from a discussion between me and LOAF: Regarding Garahl:
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    Have Your Cake (March 11, 2004)

    I just noticed "Lords of the Sky" is missing a part in the middle, short after Blair and Maniac are captured.. is suddenly jumps to them meeting the Kilrathi. It lacks Grunt's landing and so on.. Instead it has "Part 1 Part 3 Part 3" - lacking part 2 featuring part 3 double
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    How To Watch Wing Commander Academy (March 11, 2004)

    Forgot our little email-exchange a while ago? I think we had worked out a little different timeline (not the order, but the dates) for the episodes already. Here your comments from back then: I like this idea. ... WCA: Red & Blue (Tolwyn reassigned, Sansky takes over Tiger's Claw.) WCM...