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  1. HCl

    Spending some time in San Francisco

    Hey guys, Happy new year! Sorry for the general lack of progress on my projects. I basically had a lot of going on in my life in the past few months and ... well, long story short, I decided it was time to change jobs again. So I quit my job in the Portuguese Telecom industry and ended up...
  2. HCl

    Importing new WC2 animations

    Hey guys, (long-ish post ahead, sorry about that) In order to further explore the possibilities of what can be done with the WC2 engine, I decided to quickly put together a converter for WC2 animations. WC2 in fact supports FMV-like animations which are triggered at various parts of the game...
  3. HCl

    New version of WC Movie Player

    I just uploaded a new version of the WC Movie Player into my site, which is capable of playing Privateer2 movie files (*.TGV). It can be downloaded here.
  4. HCl

    Unused Rachel scenes in DivX format

    I've uploaded the 2 unused WCP Rachel scenes and an unused (although incomplete) WC3 scene involving Blair at http://student/~mbrito/temp/ . If you tried out my movie player you most likely saw these already, but i took the liberty to convert them to DivX (3.11a), since some people were...