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    WC Ships Renders

    I was searching for some stuff in my old bakup dvds, when i found some renderings made time ago for a never finished WC project. These are 20 confed models, modified versions of the original ones and some others redraw by myself. So, have a look! :D
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    Armada Joystick Problems

    Hi guys, I need some assistance here! I trying to re-play armada on DosBox 0.65 - it runs just fine - but the joystick won't calibrate properly! I cannot fly the gauntlet missions, the multiplayer or even the battles in armada mode (I'm a Joystick-man, I just can't fly with keyboard!) The...
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    Ship's length

    Anyone have ever noticed that the length reported in the manuals and in the games for nearly every WC ship is totally wicked? For example in the Hornet blueprints they say that the length of the ship is 20 meters. The length, normally, is referred to the z axis, width for the x axis and the...
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    Music problems

    Hey, 1st of all great job with this exellent sim! Here is my prob: i want to add some new music to FC, but i don't know how to do this! I know that the musics are wc1.. wc2... etc... My question is: i have to use the same name? Thanks! Now an improvement/request for the next version: -...