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    Hey guys, please try my game: Stellar Wanderer

    Hey guys and gals, last night I've just published my game on iOS and I'd be pleased to hear about it from an old community of space sim lovers. I guess it won't be a surprise that Wing Commander and Privateer series were some of my inspiration sources, after all were the games of my youth...
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    Developer self-promotion: Strike Wing

    I don't plan to sound like I'm promoting it, but I found this and seems to have something related to WC style.
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    What is WCU

    What is WCU ? A remake of an old wc game, or a fan made game/mod, or something else ?
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    Question about new space sims

    I was wondering what players think about the latest space sims (X3, DSOne, ... you name it): 1. What do you dislike in the newest space sims ? and of course: 2. What fetures would you like to have in a new space sim ?
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    About the models

    I'm being curios, how many polys has a ship ? (an average).