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    Fahrenheit 9/11

    Why can't people leave 9/11 alone. I know we should always remember what happened, it certainly changed my life, but it seems like people are on a witch hunt. My question is why? No one was at fault for 9/11 except the poeple who planned and participated (meaning the terrorists) in the...
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    Favorite alien

    Well if you look at it Stormtroopers' armour was not state of the art, it was made of plastic. So if shot with enough force a stone tipped arrow would pierce a Stormtrooper's plastic armour. Since we are off the topic of WC aliens, I liked the cute, lovable, suicidal Shafixti from Star...
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    Anyone want to trade governors?

    My governer is a women who gets to vote on a new law giving the police the right to give me a ticket if my pants hang too low. Peace, Echo
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    Funny WC quotes

    From WC 4 right after you defect to the UBW: Maverick: Well look at the bright side Maniac... Maniac: There's a bright side? Maverick: At least you don't have to deal with that Confed promotion that finally came through. Peace, Echo
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    Picture of the Banshee today...?

    Did anyone else notice anything odd about the Banshee picture that was posted on the main page today? Don't get me wrong everything looks great, I eas just wandering where the pilot was? You can see where he is suppose to be, and you can see the seat he is suppose to be in, bu tyet no one is...
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    When will the US get Bin Laden?

    Look for the United States of America's Armed Forces to catch him at the end of October. I will leave everyone to formulate their own opinion about that. Peace, Echo
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    Eh? What's this picture with the Cerberus and a Banshee?

    Oh, I want to be the giant squid/octopus or what ever it was. Echo
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    Aces board?

    Personally I am for the Aces board being moved over here if we could. And second quit the bickering it is still getting everyone no where. Hell lets try to all come together and get a new board so we can start bickering at each other on it. Damn ya'll lets be united in one thing so we can our...
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    Good Bye Origin

    I am as sad to see Origin go as the rest of you, but I can only look at this in a upbeat prespective. We have already hit rock bottom (No more Origin, not a new WC game in the past few years, etc...). The only way to go is up from here, because once you've hit rock bottom you can't get any...
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    Who were the enemys before the Kilrathi?

    Dude I don't know where your from, but that sure as hell doesn't look like any part of the human anatomy. Peace, Echo
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    A guy walks into a bar with a Giraffe(sp?). They begin drinking. After a few the giraffe falls over onto the floor piss-ant drunk. The man gets pays for the drinks and begins to walk out. The barkeep looks at him and says, "Hey you can't leave that lyin' there." The man replies...
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    CIC Clothing

    Worf, I would go with Psych's advice on that one. Peace, Echo
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    The Word Game

    The Word Game II: The Sequal About three people posted the same word in the last game so here is the start of the new one. Same rules apply, but we are raising the bar to the exact same level (Sorry couldn't think of anything funny to add in). Alright here is the first word or words to get...
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    Who were the enemys before the Kilrathi?

    Or we could just say that, watching the movie was like taking the trip on the trolley to the land of make believe. Peace, Echo
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    How did you feel when

    Hey SabreAce, Northern Hicks are worse, just look in Eastern Kentucky and West Virginia. But to answer your question: Eddie Izzard said it the best, "the Death Star was nothing but a buch of British people walking into rooms saying, 'Ohh' (see Eddie Izzard's: Dressed to Kill, stand-up and...
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    The Word Game

    Racheal (my ex-girlfriend; f*ck*ng crazy)
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    President match?

    The lack of 3rd-party options, even if reasonable (there's not been much seen of 3rd party candidates, even within the media that seems to actively discourage 3rd party news coverage unless a candidate fumbles while on the campaign trail, or a candidate that has enough money to make noise on his...
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    Artwork WIP: Hellcat Down!

    I mean just b/c its the 27th century doesn't mean they can't have any PSAs. Echo
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    The Word Game

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    Artwork WIP: Hellcat Down!

    Make it a public service annoucement. This is just an example: This is ship. This is your ship after you tried to avoid the Kilrathi soccer Moms driving the Ekapshis, while they talked on their cell phones to their cheating husbands, at the same time put on make-up and read a book...