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    this game, WC Saga, and the truth

    The hard, cold truth is that you guys don't even care about your own project enough to update your site, let alone RELEASE something. So why should we? Well, from now on I don't. WC saga seemed to be an ambitious project that could have been amazing. It was an anticipated game to say the...
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    Mission number two, episode three, man

    I destroyed the Ralaltha on my first attempt without losing any Broadswords and only one other ship from the Concordia's squad, and barely limped back to my carrier alive after engaging the snakeir. I think I lost all but one of my ships in that catfight. When I got the FUBAR message over the...
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    My stupid Radar and stupid VDU don't work

    In the Privateer Remakes and Gemini Gold my radar never works and my VDU will only show the schematics/shield readout display for the targeted ship when I am in a ship with dual VDU, and in the case of the Remake 1.1, only when in cockpit mode after hitting the "V" button like six times. The...
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    Standoff/ UE PROBLEM! HELP!

    Hey this one is for Quarto or Eder....I know you guys are busy in your free time taking care of Standoff episodes, so I apologize for asking for you help right now. I just want to let you know how much I personally enjoy the games you have put out and how much I apppreciate you guys keeping WC...
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    Need a clarification on capship types (UE)

    In the final UE mission, The Eisen carrier group jumps in if you create an opening for question is what types of ships are those that jump in-system? I think the Eisen is a Concordia-class (don't remember where i heard that) but its wo escort ships i don't remember seeing anywhere...
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    Playing Privateer 2

    All that discussion of Privateer 2 has compeled me to dust of the box and play the game for the first time since 1994. I have to admit, from what I remember I was very dissapointed with the game when I played through it the first time, and have not tried it against since. I think I was mainly...
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    Sim Mission 5

    Has anyone scored more than 20 kill on mission 5 in the sim? I've tried all different kinds of approaches. Maybe I'm destroying the cruiser to quickly and I should let more cats out to play....?
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    Morningstar and Mace missile tactics

    I'm wondering about the blast radius for the Mace missle... I remember playing special ops 2 and that damn missle was the best part of the whole game. I'm trying to perfect taking out fighter with the missle, but I dont know what the blast radius is and my test runs arent giving me the...
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    A Question About You Website/game

    I have been checking out every wing commander mods webstie lately, as I have a very renewed interest in WC game since my recent discovery of the privateer remake, Standoff and Unknown Enemy. WC saga looks like it could be the most ambitious of all the program, and will probably be amazing...
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    Confederation vs Concordia

    I've heard this topic brushed upon in the forums and it has me confused. What is the difference between Confederation and Concordia class carriers. I thought that the Concordia was a Confederation-class, but I've heard in a couple threads the two being compared. What am I missing here?
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    What bout the simulator?

    I'm wondering (as well as hoping this question hasnt been asked already) if the simulator missions will be included in tomarrow's release? I know the picture of the FIrekka's rec room the simulator is there, but the girl is sitting on it so I thought maybe it wont be playable yet? Progress...
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    * radar and HUD display problem *

    I have played remake 1.0, 1.1, and gemini Gold. My radar does not work, no matter which one I buy. The are no blips...period. It's blank. I have to follow the arrow to find an enemy ship. My HUD display also does not show enemy ships displays, unless I am in cockpit mode (in the remake), have...
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    Standoff and Fleet Action fiction

    Im wondering how closely based Standoff is on the Fleet Action novel. Does Hunter or Baron Jakuga or Captain whats-his-face make an appearance? Will the final battle be in Sol sector next to earth, with six Kilrathi super-carriers and scores of other capital ships be bearing down on Earth...