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    Can I dump the Artefact now?

    Im finished the Privateer campaigns. Can I dump those miserable artefacts now? Maybe after getting the guns they can be left behind on the Derilict Base? Or taken away when you have the conversation with the fighter? Part of the deal? Just as the deal is cut have the screen flash, Steltek...
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    Gemini is now a better place and . . .

    Yes I finished it. Gah! ALL that fun and I have but to start it all over again. <GRIN> THANK YOU! I'll send off the saves so you can polish it all you want. Hrm. . . Now, even though I missed some, and got some. . . WHERE ARE THE REST OF THE EASTER EGGS?!?!? You DID say...
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    Hud Display

    It's been bugging me and eating at my subconscious since someone brought it up. On glass hud displays traditionally have something BACKWARDS on the top centre. spec sounds about right. My cameras have it. It's because of the mirroring system used to reflect and project the images up onto...
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    Quirk p9d

    Arrival in Pentonville at Oakham I accepted Tayla's offer. Checked Mission Computer in the concourse No mission listed. Launched and landed right away Mission is listed.
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    I had the crash getting my Galaxy from my fleet, so. . .

    I'm going to the orion next. See if I can get a crash that way as well. Centurion don NOT crash the system. ANd we have another winner. Same type of thing. CRASH. We have an audio file hang-up that's crashing things with the stock orion as well. UPDATE: I went to New Detroit to...
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    RF Campaign Gooden keeps giving me the admiral's congratulatory speech instead of the mission chatter. I have no idea what I'm supposed to be flying till I fly it. Tayla's second mission will not complete. I'm on the Mining Base in Prasepe the cargo is gone, the militia hate me again and I...
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    Now for the bad news. I went back and managed to get a trailing drone. Yapped at Goodin in Nexus No Drone there, for some reason. Then booked out to Tingerhoff and picked up the drone. Jumped to Perry and picked up a hunter, they hate me, a retro, they hate me, a pirate, they hate me, and a...
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    Happy New Year to the Developers and the board.

    Happy New Year everyone! Hope everyone finds this new year happy, healthy and prosperous.
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    I never thought I'd say this, but. . .

    Where are all the vessel scans? I haven't been "scanned" for a contraband search yet and I'm always carrying a pilot or three I've forgotten to free.
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    Shouldn't the drone show up in Troy?

    Where's the Drone? -- Apologies to Clara and Wendy's Where's the Drone? - - - - SPOILER - - - - - - - - - - - I went to Troy after completeing Delta Prime and no drone at War or Pyranees. Is it me or is the game missing something?
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    Re: p9d - (Pre-Release-1) Is the game too easy now?

    Look, I'm the worst pilot in the history of electronic gaming. The arcade game asteroids used to kick my arse on a regular basis. I NEVER made it to the third screen. Those of you old enough to remember the game will know what I'm talking about. I think you can still find a download of old...
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    Military Spec Ships You Can't Repair

    Every ship you buy is used. Every ship you buy needs 7,000 credits in repairs to the air frame and components. I assume it's like buying a used car and replacing belts, hoses, tires and other odd consumables. The following list of ships accept the first basic repair, but then require...
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    I swear to you that. . .

    Close your eyes when you talk to the fixer before you run these missions in Delta. Talyn Cooper is a teenaged boy or a boy just entering puberty. Listen to your girlfriends, guys, gals, listen to your boyfriends. The word emphasys and stresspoints, the monotonal quality, no rise and fall to...
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    Oxford Quirk p9d

    Cutting out early on the dialogue gets the system to play multiple tracks, including one that says tiem is of teh essence why aren't you going.
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    Maybe I need to pay closer attention?

    I took Tayla's last mission. 46 Brilliance? after I landed I had 23 Brilliance left? Whoa!
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    Hrm. . .are the Retro's TOO easy?

    Maybe it's because it was a retro, but I played bumper cars with it for a good five minutes in Rikel, dodging in and out of the asteroids before I finally got bored with the game of tag and took her out. I like the asteroid fields. You get the occasional surprise, they hurt you, even in...
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    Wow! --

    Umm. . .so far. . .DAMN! 'S-all I got ta say on the subject. When this puppy is ready for release it's gonna be. . . Damn!
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    Dialogue and On-Board Computer Issues 9b/p9d

    Dialogue & On-board Computer conflict issues for 9b & p9d From Rikel/Vishnu to Perry you have to go through Midgard or New Detroit. The most direct being New Detroit/Perry The on screen computer has you looking for a Perry Jump out of Rikel. The final battle took place in Blockade Point...
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    Delta Prime Quirk - Not game hindering but. . .

    Launching after talking to Taryn my in flight computer in the HUD display doesn't show the mission objectives on the right-hand-side of my screen like it has throughout the campaign. I have to scroll up to see the mission objectives in the dialogue section in the upper left corner.
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    9b Plain Vanilla Launcher

    Is it just me, or does the launcher in 9b not run setup properly? Whenever I run the launcher in 9b vanilla (as packaged for download) I can not open setup (game settings) to change my game configuration. I have to run setup independently. Could this have a bearing on some of the Linux...