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    I'd like to make a donation.

    After rumaging through some old stuff, I've come across a little collection of sealed Kilrathi starter decks from the Wing Commander Card Game. I'd like to donate them to the CIC. I've been a very strong Wing Commander fan since I got my first sound card back in 1991. I played the game to...
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    Knew GameTap was too good to be true.

    You need to be in the US to use it.... very stupid for an Internet service but awell.
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    What does Blair say just before he fired the T-Bomb?

    When referring to the cut-scene showing the Kilrah run (only one some versions of the game), what does Blair say as he fires it? It's said just after a Kilrathi taunts him (Die, you furless freak!).
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    Starfleet Academy.

    I recenently aquired the DVD version (from the same person who gave me the WC4 DVD). Anyway it requires a DVD player with MPEG 2 decoder. I figured that'd be any. It skips any movies in the game. I checked the DVD and they are not VOBs, most of them are MVE. I tried downloading a couple things...
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    Just one of those things you find on the corner of the net... Got a chuckle out of me. We all know what ytmnd is like. For those who don't know it... well.... brace yourselves. But this one is scare free. Then I found this..... haha ah what can ya do.
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    Watching Wing Commander 4 DVD.

    Is there anyway to watchi this through something like the Movie Viewer? I tried using Windows media player (I've got the nVidia decoder I use for all my DVDs) but that didn't work.
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    Wing Commander Academy DVD menus.

    Ages ago someone made menus for the series. I was going to burn my own DVD now that I've got a write (I've also printed off that nice cover that was made) but I was wondering if someone could tell me what software I need in order to burn a proper video dvd and have all the cool menus on it? If I...
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    Any screenies of the Kilrathi in Super Wing Commander or Armada?

    Hi all. I never bought these games but I'm interested to know if there are any pictures of Kilrathi from these two games. I'm curious as to how the art guys depicted them, given how different Super Wing Commander was compared to the first two games.
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    Broadsword and lack of afterburners.

    I've been revisiting Wing Commander 2 lately (since I'm having a break from Capitalism 2 and World of Warcraft) and there was something that crossed my mind that I didn't really think about the first time through, the Broadsword's lack of afterburners. I realised it when I went to increase my...
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    I want a Rapier and Dralthi for Christmas please.

    Reckon in the future there is any chance we could create resin kits or something of those prototype toys that were made ages ago? Surely we can make molds or something and build our own bit by bit? A carrier for them would be awesome to.
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    Finishing collection of games, plus info on cards.

    This 15 year stuff has gotten me a very good Wing Commander mood. Here are a few questions I'd like to ask, I'm interested in completing my Wing Commander game collection and I'd like to know roughly how much it'd cost me to finish the whooollee thing. What I need: -Wing Commander 2 (floppy...
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    I just can't get WC4 DVD to work.

    Without the 'non dx board' patch and using Windows 95/98 compatibility mode, the game runs. I can't see the movies but I can make choices and play the ingame stuff. However, with the patch, I receive a 'this program cannot run and must be shut down' message and no error is given. Anyone got...
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    Wing Commander on a Pocket PC

    Hi all. Shortly I'll be getting my new XDA 2 and I was wondering if anyone could answer a simple question for me. Is running old Wing Commander Games (original copies) through DOSBox on a Pocket PC (running Windows Pocket 2003) the same as it would be to run it on a normal Windows XP PC...
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    Items like the Confed Banner.

    Just a question. Are there places where these items can have replicas made? I'll be doing my best when the serious bidding starts, however I'm not one of the Wing Commander fans who has hundreds to spend on collectibles like this. But I'd happily take a replica of some sort. Will we see items...
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    Wing Commander Academy DVD Art Cover.

    Hi all. My parents recently upgraded their family PC (not mine) which came with a nice little DVD burner. Now I'm able to burn my Academy CDs to DVD. I was wondering if anyone has any DVD covers I could use to make the DVD case look a little less bare. I was also wondering is there anything I...
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    Wing Commander Academy Season 2

    Are there any detailed articles that explain what would have happened during the second season? Would Maverick be flying on the Tiger's Claw again or would he have gone off to other adventures on the TCS Formidable (I think that's the destroyer he was on before he finished at the Academy).
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    In episode 11 of Academy..

    ..what are the two fighters Maverick and Maniac fly at the end of the cartoon?
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    Watching Prophecy through the movie viewer.

    Hi all. I didn't post this in tech because it isn't really a technical problem. I was wondering if there was a numbered list of the Prophecy movies in the .tre files. They are all out of order and just numbered. I know I could number them in order but they don't exactly go from in a proper...
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    Wing Commander Prophecy Bug.

    Hi all. I finally got my copy of Wing Commander Prophecy after all these years and I'm loving it! According to my history folder I'm starting mission 53 or 54. As the TCS Midway approaches the Kilrah jumpoint, I have to protect her from a Nephilim attack force that is approaching the carrier...
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    With Origin gone, has Lord British made any appearances?

    Hi all. Just wondering if Richard Garriot has shown up after the news to close Origin. I'm sure he'd be a little upset to see the company he started go down. Has there been any news of him?