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    SF writers and WC

    H'lo folks, I don't come through here often anymore, but I saw two WC references by SF writers that I thought you might appreciate: Jerry Pournelle Terry Pratchett...
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    Thanks, Tech support guys!

    Haven't been here in quite some time. Nonetheless, I recently got a new PC with WinXp last service pack before vista. Just got around to playing WC3 . #^$$%@#%@@%#. THANK YOU for the helpful tech support forum and the site on the main site! Without the patches and files there, I...
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    Why CIC and Blacklance ROCK

    So here I am, TRYING to get WC4 to run on my snazzy new PIII running windows ME .. and it keeps screwing up. I'd run it on an older machine with bad results, so I was determined to get it to run on my new one, windows ME notwithstanding. Kept throwing memory exceptions. Finally, in...
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    WC4 weird thing

    So ... I'm having problems running WC4 on my newest computer, so I install it on an old 486 I happen to have lying around. It plays weird -- it's the same set of CDs, but the missiles and guns seem to be significantly de-powered. I'm used to an ImRec killing just about anything in the...
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    Roger Oldziey CD?

    A couple of months ago we put together a petition for Roger Oldziey to release a CD of his music. IIRC, the petition was successful. So ... where can I buy this CD? I'd prefer an on-line link so I can order directly from, say, CDnow or someone like that. Respectfully, Brian P.
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    Privateer 2 Resolution

    Devoted readers of this board know that last month I installed P2 for Windows 95 on my home system, and almost immediately began experiencing problems with Vmm32.vdx and similar drivers. I now know that those problems are due to a motherboard gone wonky and had nothing to do with P2...
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    More P2 Questions

    1. So.. I'm flying along a really REALLY long mission. 23 nav points out and back. Kill dozens of pirates, save the primary. On the way back, get into a middle of a big ole' firefight -- and the game freezes. Everything stops moving, usually right when somebody either a) jumps in or...
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    Privateer 2 Qs

    All right, so I'm getting P2 after quite some time away, and I have a few questions: 1. Are you *sure* this is in the WC universe? Stream Lasers? Flux Lasers? Forget those! Where are my TACHYON CANNON?! 2. The mechanism for travel seems entirely different -- the ships make...
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    WCPSO question

    Right, so I whip my SO out last night and begin to play. 2 questions pop to mind: 1. Someone posted on the board that it is possible to participate in some of the cut scenes -- how? I've tried many key combos during the scenes, and don't seem to get any result. If it makes a...
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    OFF-TOPIC: Question for German Colleagues

    Hi, This isn't a strictly Wing-Commander question, but I don't know where else to go to get this answer quickly. While browsing through CERN, I found a quote for a specific piece of software that they maintain called GKSGRAL. It is quoted as costing DM 28.000 My question...
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    Priv/RF Questions:

    I have two questions about our hero from P/RF. I forget his name, so I'll just use "Brownhair". 1. At the end of RF, Brownhair is given a choice -- to fink out a source to Confed, which will allow them to crush a dangerous enemy, or to keep quiet, in which case said enemy would...