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    Call of Glory to Guts n' Glory

    Call to Glory has undergone a shift from its original purpose, partly due to my browsing of Star*Soldier and Privateering. Also reading the old Privateer Online docs had also thrown in new designs. Originally, Call to Glory was a much more sanitized game and in many ways didn't suit my story...
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    What era of coloring sheets?

    So I finally got my grubby Kil paws on a student edition of Illustrator and did some playing around to get my skills back up to speed. It feels more versatile than Photoshop - akin flying an Arrow over a Hellcat. For a long term project in one of my design courses, I decided to give into...
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    Fighter coloring sheet challenge

    Yep, that's what I'm proposing. In a few days time I'll be releasing a coloring sheet of the a top down WC2 Rapier, where we fellow wingnuts can color it in any scheme they want. Standoff's Rapier II is my favorite bird out of the flock (sadly, the Sabre just falls a tad short of a Kilrathi...
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    WC interiors; sample images wanted

    Figure I get around to asking anyways. So as my class grind has lessened, I've picked up work on the artistic assets of the slow crawling "Call to Glory," the only problem I realized is that I'm in need of various interior shots to help in creating in-game tilesets. Call to Glory has...
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    WC Ship reference pics please?

    Yep, I'm requesting some more pics for reference: Kilrathi & Confed WC3 ships and the Waterloo heavy cruiser. A number of my models died when a portion of my hard drive failed. I've recovered some, but have decided to start from scratch again. I've got a number of references myself, but...
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    3 Flavors of Carriers

    Critique and Comments welcome. So, I've been beating the modeling corner again (don't worry folks, Call to Glory is not dead, but on the hard drive of my new box in need of a new CPU cooler which is died in a shower of spark - I've already replaced the motherboard and getting a spiffy...
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    Suggestion for virtual drive programs?

    I'm in need of a virtual drive/mounting program - like Daemon tools, but without the stupid spyware included (it's optional, but I still don't like spyware with anything). Frankly, I like keeping many of my CDs or DVD's in pristine condition without scratching them to swap stuff. (I busted my...
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    Requesting Confed Marine, armor, and arms pictures.

    Yep I need more. There's was an earlier thread on Confed weapons used by the Marines in TV show, but I'd like some more expansive pictures of the arms, armor, and vehicles if possible used in WC Universe. I've got mostly archive pics of ships - but little in terms of ground warfare. I should...
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    Wing Commander: Call to Glory

    My not so *secret* project anymore (current WIP main screen): Call to Glory is a Wing Commander RPG being built in the tradition of old games like Final Fantasy III (VI for the Japanese), Chrono Trigger, and the Dragonquest series on the antique Super Nintendo. It currently is being...
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    Requesting Lexington and Victory images

    I'd like to get some pics of the Lexington and Victory from multiple views.
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    Chicken's Fleet Thread

    Building a new fleet for my belated comic. My first series of models are best described as clunky and unrefined. So, I was dissatisfied and nixed them, retaining only a few and starting on a new series built from the ground up. Inspired by the awesome work of our resident modelers like...
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    What I've been up to...

    Building 3D skills for a bit... I decided it was time to grow a pair and work on some 3d modeling via Blener. Hope you folks enjoy the showcase. Working on these beasts is teaching a lot more I expected.
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    Fear the Ban-Hammer

    This is something I did a while back. Consider it a bit of gag or forum related humor and doubles as a warning at the same time. Edit: Fixed so I don't eat the irony of my own jest...
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    I'm even older now. (Warning: Extreme Sarcasm and Nonsense)

    Wow. It's my birthday. Turning 21 and feel I owe you guys a proper gift. This is full of sarcasm and worthless ranting for pure entertainment. *You've been warned* You're still reading. Wow you must be persistent. I'm lazy so no gift...
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    Confed's Deneb disaster?

    I'm seeking info if there are any known ships that went down in the Deneb disaster? WHile I've searched the encyclopedia, it has left me a little in the dark. Is it an unspecified number and names, or are there any snippets that could say something? It should make my script writing for the WC...
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    Dare I say a a new Wing Commander comic?

    After watching the WC comic that was never released I've come to one simple conclusion: What the fork am I doing? I've got time, patience and too many ideas popping out of my little head. Although I'm working on my own webcomic (yet to be released) the lure of WC is too much to resist...
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    I thought it was impossible... but I did!

    Burn you little Confed sons of bitch, BURN! Two cans of mocha and an hour spent battling sweaty palms and blistering glare, it was done. My second run to beat it... well I hit an asteroid. I only smoked 11 Confed ships:confused: !
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    How to kill Demons in Gemini Gold?

    I'm wondering how in the hell I can kill Demons, those rascally little bastards piloted by Hunters, not only by spamming them with missiles? Currently I'm on the 3rd Oxford mission, but the tranport keeps on sucking space dust after the Demons show up. I have a great time hitting the little...
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    Chicken's CIC 7th Birthday Present

    Alrighty people, it's the CICs 7th birthday, so here's a little something for y'all :D (Boy are these smilies supremely shitty) Make a poster out of it, wall paper, coaster, whatever the hell you please!
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    Taking in-game screenshots?

    How do I take ingame screenshots?