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    Favorite Game System

    I have an xbox and a ps2. I think the xbox has better hardware (except for the giant controller) but the ps2 has better game choices. But xbox does have some cool games 'only for xbox', like my favorite, Halo.
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    Home Defense

    Besides what is said in the WC3 novel, what all do we know about Confederation Home Defense units. Are those like our National Guard and Reserves? I want to write a fanfic involving Home Defense and some info would really help.
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    Whatever happened to the WCMDF part of the CIC? I noticed it hadn't been touched in awhile, and the Nephilim ships link comes with a 404. I was just wondering, b/c I use the different views of the ships to help me make plans to build my models.
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    SO Vampire screen

    Does anyone have a good pic of the screen with the 2 Vampires on it that says 'Downloading Mission Data' on it? I can't get that with any of my screen captures.
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    Real Life WC models

    Having built radio controlled airplanes in the past I've decided to start building small (less than a foot long) WC ship models out of balsa wood and plastic and stuff. I've already started a Vampire and I started plans to build a giant (5 or 6 ft. long!) TCS Midway with fiber optic lights and...