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  1. wolfboy

    where did it go

    alright guys, stupid question, what happened to Against All Odds, i go away do to powers beyond my control and when i return i cant find a single thing except some old news posts, a little help please?
  2. wolfboy

    A Speech at the end of the war.

    Gods help me i had this thought start running through my head 12 hours ago, and now its finally finished. A speech at the end of the war. Warriors of the Kilrathi, Pilots of the Confederation, hear me now. For many years now, we have fought each other, warring back and forth over star...
  3. wolfboy

    The Endless Patrol chapter 2

    Chapter 2: Matsor System: Commander Inyenko looked at his tactical plot aboard the privateer vessel Bloodletter and grimaced. He and his squadron had been in this pissant planet less system for two weeks without so much as a nibble and it was starting to wear on them, most notably their...
  4. wolfboy

    The Endless Patrol

    Alright folks, I said a while back that i was working on some fan fic and now i'm delivering. Now I dont know if this will turn into a semi-short or a series, but after each post i will take feedback. So without further ado: TCS Bataan CVE-19 Gemini sector, Clarke quadrant, Newcastle...