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    Sol Has Been Lost

    “Ladies and gentlemen, Sol has been lost.” That could be the whole speech. “A Nephilim fleet breached Jupiter HQ defenses approximately twenty hours ago. Though Confed leadership evacuated to this facility well prior, this defeat marks a devastating loss for the Confederation.” “Lost in...
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    Atmospheric Flight in WCSO?

    I don't know much about WC editing, but I remember that UE had a simulator mission where you flew in a nebula. I wonder, is it possible to create an atmospheric-looking background like that nebula background, with a lens-flared sun and a horizon in the distance that could simulate...
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    Error packing WC mission

    OK...I have written a mission called z1.mis which I want to play off the flight history screen. I have written a series file named within.srs, which included these lines: ... const MISSION_Z1 = 0, ... function MCP; begin MCP_RunMission(MISSION_Z1); ... Also, I have written a...
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    WC wargame idea

    An old copy of Harpoon made me think of starting a wargame based on WC. Here's how it would go: You're the CAG on a fleet carrier and are responsible for assigning pilots and fighters on missions that the captain assigns you. You have a certain number of fighters, pilots, fuel, and missiles...
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    Casper's first poll II

    sorry about the first one, but I made a mistake in starting it here is the working one
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    money for WC fiction

    would anyone pay money for a WC fan fiction work like mine? (maybe a PDF version with author's notes, etc.) [see if i can get some reward for the hours]
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    WC drugs

    Does anyone have information on illegal drugs in Wing Commander? What kinds, their effects, etc. I read somewhere that there were drugs in Prophecy, but since I don't have the game, I don't have any details (anyone know where I can get the WCP fiction?) UE people: was Brilliance made-up...
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    WC CCG Software

    I've started creating a list of WC CCG cards for a program called CardTable (, and would appreciate any help, since the list is so long Read for details
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    fighters on destroyers

    do destroyers and cruisers carry fighters in WC? if so, how many and what kind? i ask because TCS vigilant might get a detachment of fighters assigned to it
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    wc romance

    it's been a while since this forum has been active, so i'l start a new thread with the following question: are relationships beyond friendship (dating & intimacy) allowed on Confed capships? I ask out of curiosity and because it plays a big part in the novel other comments about the...
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    Gray Casper Station Webpage

    I'm trying out a new web page layout for Casper Station that's mostly gray and white. A few example pages are up. Find it at Let me know what you think, and if I should convert the whole site. Any other color suggestions will be appreciated too. Thanks, XJ
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    novel mod

    a friend suggested a Secret Ops mod based on my novel - let me know if you have any ideas or want to contribute thanks!
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    new excalibur

    while i was writing, i had an idea for a new version of the excalibur that would have the a miniaturized MID drive like the one on the Vigilant in my story for vastly increased speed (1600+ klicks with afterburner) i was also thinking it would have a high-speed railgun, like the stormfire...
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    Story Ideas

    If anyone has any ideas for my novel, please feel free to post them here. Please include where you have read to. Thanks!