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    WC3 - Front Line

    Hi, thought this might become a fun discussion and source finding mission ;) Let's try and recreate the front line during the wc3 timeframe. I reduced it to Vega, Epsilon and Enigma for now. Let's make the date the day of Blair's assignment to the victory, meaning the meeting of Blair and...
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    Clearing things up

    Now before people are going to accuse me to start this thread only to safe my sorry a** I want to make some points clear. I write this because I think that even while it's been so long ago, some things still need some clearing up and have remained unexplained for too long and have offended too...
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    A little timline discussion

    Reading any WC forum since the movie came out makes one thing clear. There's a lot of people who have the opinion that the movie is not WC- the games are. Others say, if it's called WC, then it IS WC. Well.. I personally am one of those who don't think WC is the game WC, nor that it is not...
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    Ranks from WC 3-4

    I know there have been several threads with this topic in the past.. and I searched and read most of them but they all don't really answer the thing finally So here my question/problem: Could you, LOAF or whoever is working on that, post the rank insignia from both SpaceForce and SpaceNavy...