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    Fleet Action

    I bought and completed the book this weekend and I've got a few questions. I've read some stuff about Blair being wounded and spending a lot of time in a hospital bed. Where is this established? Tolwyn and Richards talk about Project Omega; Tolwyn later refers to Project Omega (or, I assume that...
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    Wc 2634

    Can anyone give me some information on this fan project? All I get from is a bunch a screenshots. I've gone to the link that the articles provide, but all I get is a bunch of russian and dark screenshots. So, could anyone shed some light on this project? Is there any plot to it?
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    Have you played it? I picked it up yesterday. I figured if people are making WC stuff for it, it must be worth my attention. Best strategy game I've played in a long time. I like it better than Homeworld. My only problem with is that some of the secondary objectives in some missions seem...
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    false colors

    could someone help me make sense of the ending? are we assuming that ragark surrendered? and what is up with tolwyn? his actions and motives in the novel seem to completely contradict what he does in wc4. and what is up with the karga being constantly referred to as a supercarrier? i've...
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    false colors

    i just started to read false colors. after beginning the second chapter, i noticed it introduces the characters of jason and sparks. i've never read a wc book before, so how essential is the knowledge found in previous books, am i at a disadvantage?
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    wc4 novel question

    is the liberty that the veteran mentioned in the bar on nephele two referenced in any other canon material?
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    wc mod for conquest?

    is there a wc mod in developement or was there ever one released? i recently fired up c:fw and that came to mind while i was playing.
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    mech assault

    the recent commercials for the sequel, lone wolf, have left me thoroughly intrigued. my question is how was the original mech assault? is it worth picking it up used for a few good hours of game play?
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    running secret operations one

    i've encountered a problem with running secret operations one in the latest version of dosbox (v0.63). the problem is when arrive at nav 1 on autopilot, the cockpit goes completely black (the cockpit, not the screen) and the only visible indicators are for speed and radar, but the radar is...
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    my xbox won't turn on!

    help! i've tried three different outlets, two different surge protectors throughout my house, and i've checked all the cables. it won't turn on! and no, i'm not an idiot, the a/v cables are plugged in. the damn thing isn't turning on. is it possible for an xbox power supply to die...
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    whatever happened to the guy after wc3?
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    men of valor

    generally, i am a huge fan of world war two/vietnam shooters, but this one ain't so great. i rented it in hopes my friend and i could have some good co-op action. we couldn't get past the first level. we tried six times (the amount of contiunues you are allowed in co-op, another complaint) to...
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    prophecy: gold

    i'm having trouble finding this one. yes, i have checked ebay and the where to buy page. any suggestions as to where to find this game?
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    wcIV endings

    just beat the price of freedom today, great game. all i've gotta do now is get my hands on prophecy and secret operations. now, to my question on hand. what is the official canon ending and what different endings can you acheive?
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    the wcIV hud

    i just don't like 'em. its rather bland, with the blue, green, and red. it makes me feel as if i am flying a simulator. i loved the huds in wcone-three, it made the games feel more realistic.
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    callimachus system!?

    how the hell did i end up here!? i leave telamon, come here, the intrepid gets blown away, and i loose the game! help.
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    lt. col dekker

    when you first meet dekker in the storage hold, he states that he is a veteran of repleetah and escaped a kilrathi pow camp. now, it is my understanding that everyone (both sides) died in the final battle on repleetah. is it possible that he was captured there and then brought to the pow camp...
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    any tips to keep it from wearing out? i wear a watch with a cloth and velcro band, i only take it off when i shower. needless to say, the velcro gets worn down very quickly. any tips besides not using velcro?
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    endings for wc3

    are there only two? just curious, because i lost flint (her and i were an item) the mission before the kilrah run. if she is still alive, is the ending any different? man, i had always thought that the battle of earth took place before the kilrah run and you could win it. dissapointing, i was...
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    kilrathi fleet in wc1/wc2

    their fleet seems to rely upon destroyers and cruisers in this era. what really puzzles me is that what ship really takes on the carrier role. even though cruisers and destroyers can carry fighters, actions on the fighter level would never be as effective. could it be that they use their...