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    WCP: Soppy ending

    Was playing WCP yesterday, passed it, and it's been ages since I last played it. Having recently (in the last two weeks) played all the other four (and all addons) through, one thing came to mind - What a bloody soppy ending! :P Did anyone else think this of the prophecy ending? It just...
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    DX10, OpenGL2

    Not so directly WC related, but might be interesting to some people - especially since everyone wants to see an eyecandied up WC game. I certainly don't have anywhere near the experience to even begin to look at this kind of stuff, but perhaps we might see it in VegaStrike if Daniel gets a...
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    Bahaha, stupid error

    I'm convinced that this is a problem with IE and not with WCZone, but anyway... funny error I just received :) Anyone else had this one before? :)
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    Confederation Ranks.

    Okay, so what happens if you want to remain an Officer, if you don't want a desk job having a Flag rank? :P Sure the paycheck is nice... Something that got me - in the game, are they part of the Confederation Space Force, or Confederation Navy?... Maniac titles Blair as being 'Colonel...
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    Storyline vs Gameplay

    Just had a query - which would people be preferring to see more emphasis on in a WC game - more of the inflight gameplay, like WC1 or Prophecy? Or More of the storyline and cinematic decision based play? ... ooh, time to put the poll feature of vBulletin to the test.
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    Weird board behavior

    Wierd board behavior Wasn't sure which forum to put this in :P Hmmm, the board seems to be telling me each time I refresh the index page that there are new posts in threads (with the icon )... yet clearly there aren't new posts... Kris, any idea why this might be happening? Odd behavior :(
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    Need 'artists' for development work

    I need to find a number of people willing to create some HUD graphics for testing with teh Jacinta engine... if anyone if interested or able to help out, could they please shoot me off an email to ... On the other hand, ripping the HUDs from WC1-3 could be just as...