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    Secret Ops/Glide problem.

    many thanks!
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    Secret Ops/Glide problem.

    Well, I dunno how much it helps now that all is said and done, but I haven't logged in in almost a year. But obviously, it's me, colonel sanders Good thing I logged in this time. I am trying to delete the WCP3dtest installer from my computer, and I am getting an error saying I can't delete...
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    Tom Wilson is in the Spongebob Squarepants Movie!

    I never really cared for dirty humor, but some of Beavis and butthead made me laugh.
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    Tom Wilson is in the Spongebob Squarepants Movie!

    I was knocking Nick. I thought space cases was pretty good, (especially the Babylon 5 jokes), Hey Arnold I still watch if I stumble across it. I miss the Nicktoons that weren't that cliche. I mean...when spongebob loses his pants, the children laugh. years ago, when Rocko lost his glasses...
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    Tom Wilson is in the Spongebob Squarepants Movie!

    he might actually be in person, but if he does, he'll never recover. All nickelodian went absolutely downhill after "Nicktoons Version II"
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    Family Guy

    the Fry Vs Zoidburg episode was on just last night. I too, think futurama>family guy, but that's just me. As for being the worlds "dumbest demographic," :rolleyes:
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    Rachel creeps me out!

    I personally would stop at "M"....there's no "ILF" about it! :( excepting, of course, Stiletto.
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    For those keeping track of R-name deaths...

    Collapsed in a recording studio, dead when paramedics arrived. it sounds like a heart attack, but last i heard the autopsy had yet to be completed and a cause of death had not been officially listed.
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    Family Guy

    the OLD DAYS? the Simpsons STILL make fun of Fox. even Family guy had an episode or two of fox-bashing.
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    Dryet's question regarding WH40k Space Marines

    it sure sounds funny though.
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    Naval Designation Questions

    it's a good place to pick up girls. seriously. a girl actually said hi to me in there once. if you knew me, you'd realize that in itself is a miracle.
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    I designed four new perpetual motion machines

    There's a quote I'd like to share with you. "A breakthrough isn't a breakthrough unless someone has said it couldn't be done." Well, I'm helping you make this a breakthrough- It can't be done. I demand proof...I think we all do.
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    Tolwyn saying Black Lance may pray in Price of Freedom

    Evil is perception. Like someone up there said^^^ "the black lance probably didn't consider themselves evil"
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    My IQ is 124...

    He only asked if anyone else had taken it...
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    Am looking for Prophecy Gold and Secret Ops source code

    only the greatest source code on the face of the planet.
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    Reusable Fuel Transit Drive

    It's like WilE Coyote building that little cart with the sail and the fan....
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    Who knows...

    Isn't Schrodingers cat the cat in the box and you don't know if it's alive or dead unti you open the box? .....or something like that?
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    Reusable Fuel Transit Drive

    I'm not sure which set of laws were bent more in that post...the laws of physics or the laws of grammar.
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    Reusable Fuel Transit Drive

    it's the government of the shadows. They're bad, because they are evil, because they are bad.