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    Conscription or forced service in the Kilrathi War?

    I've recently gotten back into Wing Commander and thought occurred to me I was hoping someone could clarify for me. Do you think that during the 30 (?) years of the Kilrathi War that there was ever a conscription or Israeli-style forced service in Confed? It takes a lot to fight a war and this...
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    Intrepid picture

    I was wandering if anyone here has a picture of the Intrepid coming out of a jump point or maybe a scene when the Vesuvius is coming out of a jump point chasing the Intrepid, I think there is a scene like that. Any help would be great.
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    Kilrathi Saga

    I just wanted to point out to anyone looking for Kilrathi Saga that Amazon has some, the highest is just around 300 and the lowest is around 150. I'm not sure how many people want to spend that much, but at least these prices won't go over what they already are.
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    Error message

    I have an error message when I try to run the game, it is an error that was brought up in this thread. The error reads: GL_d3d_4::createZBuffer attach failed 87, someone who replied to the thread said to run at 640x480 and that did not work, I do not know how to diable the "eye candy," I tried...
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    Wing Commander Prophecy patch

    Alright, I would like to apologize if this is an old topic, but after a search I did not find the answer to my question. In running the high-res patch for Prophecy, which works, the video always shrinks into the corner, no matter what resolution I use. When I start the game, and get to the rec...
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    Star Wars original cover (VHS)

    My friends and I would like to create VCDs of the original Star Wars, not the special edition. We would like to make DVD cases with the covers that came out on the original VHS, but we can not find them big enough. Here are the pictures of the covers we want, but we would like them big enough to...
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    End Run

    i have recently procured a copy of End Run, and i was wondering if someone could tell me what the Confed ship on the cover is, now i am too stupid to figure out how to get the picture up here, so here is a link to a picture in it's stead.