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    Dralthi Enters the Paint Hangar (February 1, 2022)

    🤩 Never knew Dralthi could be so beautiful
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    15 Years of Wing Commander - What Was Your First Time Like?

    whoa... 15 yrs... i first played wc 1 on my cousin's computer..and then my brother brought back wc2 on my home pc... i missed out on wc3, got a copy of KS but couldnt get it to work on Been away from the forum for a couple of years while i was in the army.. glad to see the WC...
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    Was a bit reluctant to sell them actually.. since i did spent some effort going through all the book rental stores to find them. But its been sitting in my drawer for ages now and i've got no time to read them again, might as well pass it on.. *sigh"*
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    I have about 8 novels from WC universe to sell..anybody want them?
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    A Wing Commander 4 mission question.

    nothing related to the 7th disk.... but i want to ask something... can the wing commander 4 DVD run under window XP Pro? i'm thinking of getting it from thanks, Xach "PayBack" yrs ago....