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    WC2 In XP - more basic problem than the other guy's

    Apparently I do not have enough memory to run WC2....what? That's what the Dos prompt says. Apart from the ...what? Any help would be much appreciated.
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    Wing Commander 3 sound in windows?

    Does anyone know how to get sound working on a Winxp system that's absolutely impossible to configure in Dos?
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    oooh End Run on Ebay

    There's a copy of End Run going on ebay at the moment for $5. Just thought people might want to know. I've already got mine.
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    More WC novels!

    With Origin very unlikely to produce more Wing Commander games if ever, could someone please tell Forstchen to make some more novels please? His contribution to the universe is second only to Chris Roberts himself and it would be a nice way to keep it alive. Plus he obviously loves the universe...