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    A call for voices.

    Hey everybody. Commencing ad campaign! :) Do you have a mic and feel like speeding up the process to a prologue release, not to mention greatly helping the entire progress of the game? - oh boy do I have uses for you! After going through all the lines I have in stock, I'm in need for many...
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    Happy Birthday, Eder!

    According to the CIC birthdays thingymajiggy, today is your special day! Hope it's a good one, man. And I think I speak for the community when I say thanks for your huge contribution to the WC Universe. :) Happy Birthday!
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    Thank you.

    Just wanted to pass on my thanks and appreciation from UE. It truly is a fantastic game, and the story-line and the challenge of it are truly what makes the game great. I'm glad that some are striving to keep the fire of Wing Commander burning; you guys are my heroes. :) Looking forward...