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    The "the price of freedom" Movie Project

    Guys, don't forget that the vob where admiral wilford says "something terrible has apparently happened in the telamon system" is broken. I merged some vobs into two dvd versions of WCIV and my PS2 locks-up at this juncture although the vobedit utility or woteva I was using didn't complain about...
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    BREAKING NEWS: EA Replay Box Art Revealed (September 14, 2006)

    Ultracool. Now let's hope they sell shitloads.
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    EA Embraces 90's Nostalgia With EA Replay (September 1, 2006)

    Mutant Leage Football Wing Commander? Am I on acid?
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    BREAKING NEWS: EA Replay Officially Announced! (August 31, 2006)

    Let's all tell EA the only reason we buy sony products is because of WC.
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    What's Your Real Opinion About the Movie?

    Are you totally deranged? Topic was "what did u REALLY feel about the movie"
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    Priv 2 problem

    I told ya.. Athlon xp 1800 running on 266 mhz FSB with RADEON 9600 128mb. with these specs, whats the best screen output method for playing priv2 then? surface? overlay?
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    What's Your Real Opinion About the Movie?

    where's malcolm mcdowell?!! and what about the kilrathi culture? roberts shows no respect for the wc fans IMO, he just figured doing WC was easiest option to get his foot in the movie door. when he got his budget and were all set I think he forgot about WC alltogether and just thought "hey cool...
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    The "the price of freedom" Movie Project

    I want to add something to this thread for those who play around with the wing IV dvd vob files. I've made two different mpeg II (no conversion-just merging of vobs) editions of wing IV movie and there is a bug in the mpeg II encoding in the vob where admiral Wilford says "something terrible has...
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    Privateer 2 deluxe problem when launching.

    this seems like the same prob i described in "priv 2 problem" thread. we gotta fix this!
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    Priv 2 problem

    well that's not very convenient, as I don't have the power to run stuff in dosbox with good fps -- add to that, dosbox still has sound clipping issues they still haven't sorted. i have a sound blaster live... in the spirit of making wc games playable forever we should look more into this...
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    Priv 2 problem

    I'm running xp sp2 pro ver 2002 and I've installed the game from a customized CD1 after using the 'Privateer 2 DOS to Windows Deluxe Edition Patch Version 2.0' with my DOS original. Messing with the acceleration settings did not work. I use a RADEON 9600 with my Athlon XP 1800 cpu on a VIA...
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    Priv 2 problem

    and since somoone now already made a new priv2 tech thread: wassup with game locking up (u just hear engines) when u take off from planets and go into spaceflight mode? I tried all compatibility modes but still nought. this happens still after upgrade of video card and drivers.
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    Favorite Wingman?

    Hawk is my farvoute bar none.
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    Favorite "break and attack" response from NPCs?

    In the Wing Commander universe, Hawk is the king of oneliners.
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    Heart of The Tiger Movie Released! (July 28, 2006)

    VIDOCLAN seems to work, but what does the error message in mpc mean? How can I repair the file so it works with normal ? I've got the latest codecs and no nother xvid goes out of synch, thus just one. Surely theres must be others who agree with me?!
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    Heart of The Tiger Movie Released! (July 28, 2006)

    media player gives me this avi chunk viewer thing saying the file is not properly interleaved/procecced for sequential viewing. (oh, and yes, I have the latest xvid decoder and my download went just fine at the filesize mentioned above) and the sound and video is not in sync no matter what...
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    turn off cpu and shadow cache
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    How do I land on the bloody carrier

    I checked the manual and nothing there, so: How do I land on the carrier after a mission in wc1 ks ? My fighter just keeps crashing into it and I've pressed all the buttons., cheers
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    Initial reaction to WC movie in '99

    I could never get over the fact that Malcolm McDowell was missing from the movie. IMO he's the only actor out there suitable for the Tolwyn part. That, and the stuff about pilgrims, is why I was disappointed with the movie.
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    Did You....

    I'm must admit I was too chickenshit to let myself throw away the key.