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    I Must Admit

    I must admit: I have never played Wing Commander Secret Ops before i played Standoff In my opiniom, Prophecy and Secret Ops have the worst space ships designs i have ever seen. Where have gone all the beautiful ships from WC3/4 and Privateer 2 ???? i'm sorry for the designer, but the...
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    Ships And Iff Files - Need Help

    I have been playing with Thomas mission builder and the WC3 ships for Secret Ops located in the download section. I have not planned to release an addon, i just made it for my amusement. I would like to say BIG THANKS to everybody involved in the WCSO editing tools. The ships work great, and...
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    Standoff Mission Builder ??? Standoff Academy ???

    Can i expect a release/update for Mission Builder compatible with Standoff ???? I would like to make some missions for Standoff, and i think that maybe i'm not the only one interested in make missions for Standoff. For sure the community will enjoy a lot a mission builder for Standoff...
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    Ferret Or Epee In Campaign Missions ????

    Standoff is the BEST I have finished all the tree chapters and i've enjoyed a lot the missions and plot The voices are awesome (i LOVE the Trigger character) and the models are the best The cockpits are really very well done too I feel like playing WC2 with 2006 technology But i've...