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    So I logged in for a quick peruse of the latest news, and my rank has been knocked down to cadet! What gives?
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    Academy art on eBay

    so I've just seen that this guy: seems to be selling original artwork from the academy tv show pretty interesting stuff!
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    Seen on ebay - are Pilgrim crosses really worth that much! I haven't seen one for a while, but i didn't think they were worth quite so much! I still remember my mum's comments when i got mine though - she seemed to believe i...
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    Typo in ships for SWC Scimitar

    Theres a typo on ships for the swc scimitar - it says the scim has 4 HS and 6 DF missiles when in truth this is the other way round. - It's not just doubled from wc1! May not be a problem really given the pedia project - but if people take the info from there it might be :)
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    Unable to win SM1.5 Series 4 Mission 1

    So I'm completely confused as to why this happens but when i play this mission (the first mission in jakarta, which is the last dralthi mission), when i reach nav 1 the fralthi isnt there, it appears as i hit nav1 along with 3 dralthi, but if i turn and run i fail the mission (even thoguh i hit...
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    Only one keypress recognised at once in wc1 and wc2

    Apologies if this should be in tech support really! I'm having a wierd problem where only one keypress is recognised by a game at a time - it's present in both wing commander 1 and 2, but is more irritating in wc1. Basically, in wing 1, if i'm firing and then start to angle the ship...
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    SWC and SM1.5

    For those who don't know, it is quite possible to get SWC mac running in both Basilisk II (windows port) and Sheepsaver and the 3do version runs quite nicely in the latest alpha of FreeDO (available in the top link here: Both mac emulators...
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    Kurasawa 1 Medal

    So I've just finished Kurasawa 1 on the sega-cd port of wc1, now according to secrets of the WCU, there are no medals available. For those who don't have the book/know the mission, heres the run-through Nav 1a - Dorkir, 6 Dralthi Nav 2 - Dorkir, 3 Krant Nav 1b - Dorkir, 2 Jalthi Dorkir...
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    CCG and Jetlag's site

    So I just bought a pile of the ccg cards on ebay, but i'm pretty sure its not a complete set! - so i thought i'd check against the list that jetlag has - but his site ( isn't working! Any idea if he's moved the site?
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    Ultimate Strategy Guide

    So inspired by the community replay (and only a year late!) and shades' script projects, I'm replaying wc1 but in the segacd version (oh yeah). I've coupled this with reading my two new acquisitions, the secrets of the WCU and the ultimate strategy guide. So, I play the Gimle 1 (a couple of...
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    So this summer I decided to ante-up some cash and acquire a couple of WC rarities - So I'm now the proud owner of SWC and wc3 for the 3d0 and wc for the segacd Ignoring the 3d0 for now (since the only emulator i can find, freedo is rubbish and doesnt load wc3 at all) the segacd version is...
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    DOS Wing Commander 1,2 and Academy

    So heres a little problem for people to comment on: I'm trying to play wing 1 but when i press fire while moving, the ship then continues changing direction even if i let go of the arrow key (this is with the keyboard). Equally, if i try and fire while moving in wc2 or academy i cannot...
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    WC SNES pics for Shades

    Can't seem to post attachments to news discussions, so figured i'd post these captures here.
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    WC4 DVD Case

    So i acquired a copy of the WC4 dvd some time back (2 sided version) and having had it lying around in a paper sleeve for ages, constantly getting lost because i put it between other cds to keep it safe, I've now decided to put it in a proper box. The question is though, is there a cool dvd...
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    wca speech?

    This is liable to be deemed unsuitable topic since it involves me talking about piracy. I've recently downloaded a torrent of some old dos games - mostly because I've noticed the abandonware sites slowly dissapearing and because a lot of these games are now getting on for 20 years old...
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    Birth of the Confederation

    I remember many years back reading a fan fiction about the birth of the confederation - (it wasnt quite about that, but i think that was the title) which had a prologue chapter with a soldier on repleetah seeing fighters overhead and wanting to become a pilot. since the aces central site...
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    WC3 Hobbes turret

    I've just been watching the WC3 movie and i noticed something strange, if you chase after hobbes when he escapes and is in the thunderbolt - he has a turret that fires at you. my question is this WHO IS IN THE TURRET? i mean seriously its not like he took a human with him!
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    Soundfonts and the wc midis

    does anyone have a fave soundfont for wc music, or even better different soundfonts for different games, i know that all the music is up redone, but somehow the mp3s dont capture the original wc2 feel.
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    confed handbook

    probably been commented on before, but in the confed handbook, it claims that admiral wilson ( i think its him, might be wrong) was born in 2498 yet the current year is 2654! thus our man is 156 years old typing error me thinks btw with reference to the age old debate that the CS iason and the...
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    aargh WCNews Downloads

    On WCnews the download for testing the T-bomb on kilrah does not work, this is mainly a post to the wcnews administrators but if anyone else has it twould be appreciated. by the way how do you extract movies to a windows readble format from WC3