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    Tech Support on SolSector Hosting

    Hiya guys, Any chance a staff member could tell me how to get my ID/password and ftp settings back ? It's been a while since I haven't updated the website and I feel like web-designing and spending some time on WC these days... John
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    Weapons: Marines' rifles

    OK, I know I've already asked this question here before, but I've NEVER had an actual answer about it... I'm writing a story, and I can't find the truth about those rifles... Are they laser rifles or not ??? (I mean, do they have a kinda ammo such as bullets, etc... or are they...
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    Question about

    At last, I'm back ;) OK, I decided to rebuild my poor french website (TCS Austerlitz), and to turn it into a nice-looking one... Got a question: is PHP supported by ? Hope so since I need it :) Well, I'll be back soon, with improvments and (I hope) a new fan fiction (in...
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    need some help from American students

    Glad to see you all. Got a silly english teacher here (France) who wants us to talk about an American university, about his students, their way of life, the courses, the odds... and all that does not look like our educational system. Hope you'll be able to give me some information about...
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    Repleetah - Some questions...

    I know all what is written is the Wc3 manual, but I need to knwo more (Do you want to know more ? huummm, I think I've already heard this sentence somewhere ;) ) - about Marines' weapons: bullets or laser guns ? - Were there terran outposts before the Kilrathi strike ? - What the planet...
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    'am sorry, but...

    ... but, yes, unfortunately, this is another WC Movie thread (don't blame me please, don't hit me, remember that I am french - is that really an excuse ? ;) ) Well, I just wonder why Mark Hamill is uncredited in the movie, whereas he "was" the voice of Merlin ?
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    WC Movie - Details

    Two questions: - firstly, what is the "Odyssey" Blair is reading at the beginning of the movie ? A book written by the Pilgrims ? - then, is there someone here who knows what are the classes of the other ships of the BG Concordia ?
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    Can u tell me...

    ... what it is ? (if the picture appears... i hope, i hope...)
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    WCMovie Scrap Book

    Got the french version of the scrap book ! Yeehaaaww !:D
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    What about the WC Music ?

    Piece of news about the CD of WC Musics ?
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    Repleetah's bloodshed

    I don't know if there is something about that battle in the Confed Handbook (because I do not have it... don't laugh, thanks...) but I need some info but it: forces engaged, dates of different waves, weather of the planet, et cetera... Well, I was thinking about something... there was a...
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    My website

    Everyone here knows my website... No ? Ok, go to Well, as u can see, it's in french (damn' I know you hate french) and there is no updates any more... why ? Because I'm building a brand new one. That's where I need you: must I build an english website ?
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    Have you tried the new Micro$oft's game ?
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    Lt Cmd Deveraux

    On the post card on, it is said that the rank of Angel is Lt Cmd. In my mind, it means that she is part of the NAvy. But I have always thought that she was in the Space Army Forces, like Blair. Anyone here with the answer ??
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    Acenet Central

    Is the website dead ? I mean, there are no updates any more... fortunately, the mailing list is still alive...
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    another one about Tolwyn

    In my french translation of "Victory Streak", it is said that on the 2639.033, Captain Tolwyn used Raptors to attack the Kilrathis during the McAuliffe battle. But was he a captain (of a carrier) in the Navy, or a captain in the Space Army (pilot - Bondarevski was a pilot before being in charge...
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    Forced Alliance

    I was just looking at the auctions, and, asking for WC items I've found a game named "Forced Alliance". Anyone here who can tell me what it is ?
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    I've found it at last !

    I don't know if you rememebr that I said I had found an article on WCM which said that it was a gay movie; here it is ! It's in french, sorry, I hope you will understand... --------------- J'ai vu un navet au Palace à 2,50$, le prix d'un navet. Ce navet de Wing Commander, un film de...
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    Just thinking about a thing

    Wing Commander takes place in space. I was just wondering what WC would resemble in the "reality", insofar as in space, there are no sounds and no explosions... Damn' ! Imagine: you are behind a kilrathi vessel, you shoot it down and... nothing... no colored explosion...
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    Battle Frenzy

    Battle Frenzy's Prologue and Chapter One will be re-released soon... Indeed, I modified the first chapter (longer and better - I hope so !)