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    Wing Commander models for ray tracing?

    Y'know whenever people talk about the graphics for the original Wing Commander they talk about Ray-tracing. I've even seen some people go as far as to say that they actually built real models in order to do the ray tracing on... is that true? Is there even any evidence of that? I'm guess I'm...
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    Wing Commander Sales numbers.

    Is there a place to find all the sales that each Wing Command game had? I'm not even sure the NPD was tracking PC gaming that early and certainly not releasing info from that early to the public. THanks for any help guys!
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    Wing Commander documentary vids.

    Hi! I'm currently working on a little project The Gaming Standard: Wing Commander and I'm actually having a problem with part 5. Do you guys think I should add a play through type thing? I know a lot of you here enjoyed the first four parts so your input is definitely appreciated. I kind of...
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    The Gaming Standard: Wing Commander

    Hi! I've just started to make a little video project for fun and am looking for some input on where I should go with it. The first section of the video (split into three parts) covers the influences and environment that led to Wing Commander being such a huge hit. I've got most of the audio...