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    Wc1 editing and new missions

    That's more than moderately exciting. I can foresee the creation of campaigns bring created post WC1 and pre WC2 if this gets off the ground. :) Looking forward to seeing future releases! How about between-mission bar conversations? Are you looking at being able to edit those as well?
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    A few "talking heads" video character appearance observations...

    And also to preserve our sanity. wasn't preserved.
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    Fan Wallpaper

    Brilliant! Very imposing.
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    You are a jerk! You stink!

    Good question. Something worth figuring out, I would suggest. :)
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    It was only added in for the ep 5 release, though. Now that I think about it, if I actually took anything seriously, we really wouldn't have many easter eggs. :)
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    Wasn't she from WC3? I can't remember.
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    Totally. Maybe it was because I was young and innocent back when I first heard her in game that I didn't realise, or maybe it's just because I had to listen to all of her lines one after another when getting them ready for Standoff. Wait. What do you mean by 'even Tempest'? What're you trying...
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    Website update, July 17th

    I prefer sadistic bastard. :)
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    Website update, June 5th

    Everything tastes like purple, now!
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    Consider this a taste... *SPOILERS*

    It's as if people think you're a jerk or something, Q. ;)
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    Broken ship computer in Standoff?

    I'm very forgiving. :) The many thousands of orphans and widows? Not so much.
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    Broken ship computer in Standoff?

    I kinda suspected that. Didn't want to allude to it, though, and sully your good name. :P We'll have to think of something even better to slip in there somewhere. ;)
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    Broken ship computer in Standoff?

    I imagine it was a mistake that it turned up in the import, yeah. ;) Basically, I said that darn line at least five times, and kept tripping over my words. It was an easy line, too. I wasn't really too frustrated, but it was enough to prompt an... expelling of sorts. ;) After that, I got the...
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    Broken ship computer in Standoff?

    I'm an angel, and anyone who says different is a f*&#$^# liar! :P ..I'd forgotten that I sent that one through to Q, and didn't even know that it ended up in the package. Now the whole internet thinks I have serious problems!
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    Just a minor news update

    Hey folks, Things are going great on the voice-overs front. We have our primary characters rolling in their lines (And I'm not just talking about episode 4, but all of their lines - episode 5 included.) The great news is, when we round out the voice-overs for the Ep 4 release, we'll have the...
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    ATTENTION: Episode 3 patch released!

    You could always take up knitting, I suppose.
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    ATTENTION: Episode 3 patch released!

    What would you do without that angelic voice of the computer, buddy? ;)
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    Favorite Wingmen?

    Just the way he was meant to be. ;)
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    Standoff Chapter Four Now Available

    Finally, a chance to use my dialects!
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    Standoff Chapter Four Now Available

    Oh, great. Now I'm gonna have to play /another/ character in ep4 to prove my manliness. Ships creepy janitor, y'think?