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    Where to get old games offline?

    I'll be spending three weeks in the St. Louis area, MO, and am looking to complement my WC collection while I'm there. Didn't have much luck with GameStop shops in Florida, so I thought I'd ask if you know about any shops with higher chances to get old games. I'm specifically looking for...
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    Resources for computer-aided WCTO

    This list shows all available graphics for use with the computer-aided version of WCTO. Mainly meant for Avacar right now, but it also shows the progress of the graphical side of the project. Green means 100% complete, yellow says the resource is there, but needs some work, red is not yet...
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    Game 005 Comment Thread

    Game 005 is online, featuring Avacar, Humungus and QuailPilot in an FFA dogfight. Find the game here (click on "Setup" or any available game turn) and feel free to comment! Happy hunting!
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    New ship sheet preview

    No, I'm not dead - I'm actually working on those internal damage rules in my spare time. I think I finally found a quick, easy and "realistic" solution! And I've put together a sample ship sheet for the ever so popular Epee light fighter (see attached jpg). Ships are now divided into front...
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    Banking maneuver

    I thought I'd put this up right now, since the rules are not really clear in the current version of the game's manual: Banking is not restricted to 1 hex - you can bank as many hexes to either side as your ship's Turn Rate allows. This would allow for a maximum of up to 3 hexes, but since you...
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    Core range bonus instead of distance penalty?

    Looking at the skirmishes we had so far, I found that it just takes too long to take out an enemy. And part of that problem seems to be that the odds are too much against hitting a given target. Which is why I thought of this: Instead of giving a penalty to the Target Roll when an enemy is...
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    Internal damage

    Internal damage is actually the last big topic I'll have to cover in WCTO - everything else is just paperwork. I'm still undecided about how damage to internal components and subsystems should be resolved. These are a few ideas I've had so far: How to determine when a ship takes internal...
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    Reminder: Leave of absence

    As most of you already know, I'll be away and without an internet connection from May 4 to at least May 19. I'll go offline in about 35 hours from now on, so any games currently in progress (Game 4 and Scenario 2) will have to pause. Nevertheless I hope we can continue where we left off as soon...
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    Asteroid fields

    Just reread the part of the manual that says asteroid fields block line of sight and line of fire. How do you interpret this? 1) A unit "behind" an asteroid field can't be targeted or fired at. 2) A unit in the same hex as an asteroid field can't be targeted or fired at. It occured to me that...
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    Game 4: Comment Thread

    You're on! Happy hunting, and post all your comments/comm chatter in this thread. Note that the Kilrathi are elite pilots, meaning they receive a bonus of +2 to all their rolls. (If Avacar attacked Humungus, he'd have to roll a 10+ instead of a 8+. If Humungus attacked Avacar, he'd have to roll...
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    Confed or Kilrathi mini-campaign?

    As soon as scenario 2 is completed and version 0.15 of the rule book is online, I think it's about time to start a mini-campaign, probably comprised of 3-4 missions, including (pilot) character development in between sorties. Before I get to work, though, I'd like to know which side of the...
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    Game 4 Contestants

    I'd like to start a new FFA (free for all) or Team FFA game. The problem is: I'll be away from May 5 to 19 (without access to the internet, let alone the time). Would you rather like to start a game and pause it - if necessary -, or start a new game afterwards? Also, I'd like to know who would...
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    Flash GUI: "Targeting"

    This is just to clarify: When you see a black "Targeting" window in the ship info screen, it means that the respective ship is focusing on that specific target. If it had any kind of tracking missile on board, the target can be acquired as soon as it is within firing range of the missile. It...
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    Flak in v0.14 too powerful?

    In v0.14 of the WCTO manual, flak cannons have a firing range of 10 hexes and do 10 points of damage to a (non-phase shielded) target if they beat their Target Roll. This has raised the question if flak fire isn't too powerful as it stands now. I wouldn't want to change the range, so if we want...
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    Quick IRC Dogfight

    Just to let you know: I'm considering a little dogfight via IRC on Thursday or Friday (March 27/28). Since the different time zones we have might pose a problem, I'll just visit #wingnut and see who's there and up for a game. I'm probably restricting IRC games to 2-4 players at a time to keep...
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    Game 3 Comment Thread

    I thought I'd put this thread online since Pip and QuailPilot have "revived" this dogfight. Also note that I ignore turn limits for 2-player games - it's up to you if you want to play "quick and dirty" or at a slower pace.
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    Rules for suggesting rule changes

    Rules, rules, rules... Don't fear, because - truth be told - there's actually only one rule if you want to propose a change of the current game rules or suggest a new feature for the PBM game: Please open one thread for each suggestion you make! This will prevent discussions from getting out of...
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    Scenario 2 Comment Thread

    Use this thread to comment on or discuss events in the "Destroyer Battle" scenario. If you want to suggest rule changes, please open a separate thread for the sake of clarity. (Especially if it has the potential of being a controversial rule change or if it's very complex. ;) )
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    WCTO has Gamertags now, too!

    Check the Wing Commander: TacOps website - there's some new links there. One of them leads you to the "Player Roster", where you can see how many missions you have flown, how many kills you accumulated, and what fighter qualifications you (as a player) have. Note that this is no character sheet...
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    Scenario 2: Destroyer Battle

    The team line up for this scenario will be as follows: Kilrathi Team: Avacar floundericiousMI Panda QuailPilot snip63 Terran Team: Guilherme Mekt-Hakkikt * Sylvester Pip * = Mekt-Hakkikt will be on vacation until ca. April 2, so someone will have to take over his fighter for...