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  1. Wulf

    Tolwyn, Tolwyn, where art thou, Tolwyn?

    I thought the wingnuts would get a kick out of this just as much as I did! There's also a radio ad that Mr. McDowell did that is absolutely hilarious, but can't find it. This other one comes close, though...
  2. Wulf

    Strike commander - joystick not recognized

    Hi all, Just purchased SC on I have a Thrustmaster X, USB joystick. The game will not let me proceed with joystick calibration at all. I've gone into DOSbox remapper, and was able to configure buttons and axes, so DOSbox appears to recognize it with no issue. I've set the joystick...
  3. Wulf

    OK, who crashed the RSI site again?? is currently down :( Silver lining - people probably dropped their jaws when the Connie pics were released, and want in :)
  4. Wulf

    Want concept ship art from Star Citizen?

    Then mosey on over to RSI's facebook page and hit the like button, pardner! If they reach an unspecified amount of likes, they will release some concept ship artwork. Link is here:
  5. Wulf

    READ THIS ASAP! Live AMA on Reddit with Chris Roberts!!

    "Tune in today starting at 10 AM PST (1 PM EDT, 6 PM GMT) when Chris Roberts will be doing an AMA on Reddit. AMAs, which stand for “Ask Me Anything,” are a chance for Reddit users to interact directly with interesting figures. In the past the subjects have ranged from ordinary people with...
  6. Wulf

    Actively updated Star Citizen/SQ 42 details thread

    10/27 - added Q&As/FAQs section 10/26 - updated ship's section 10/21 - updated Sys Recc's and RSI Connie info. Added Economy section 10/18 - Pledge update, kickstarter! *This will be edited as more details are released and found out.* [Pledge] *Star Citizen has been green-lit by...
  7. Wulf

    Definitely looking forward to the RSI project...

    It's been a long while since I posted in these forums, but after revisiting the CIC and seeing all that was going on with the time capsule releases, I had to share the excitement! I'm pretty sure it's been said already, but if you haven't registered on the RSI website, do so ASAP. I think a...
  8. Wulf

    Status of Pioneer?

    I've been looking forward to trying this mod out for a long time. Has anything more about it been heard?
  9. Wulf

    What makes Blair toss and turn at night?

    "Ralari.........couldn' it!"
  10. Wulf

    Question for Howard

    I looked at the videos of the Hornet in the asteroids, as well as the WC1 intro redux. I was wondering...would it be going too far to expect the same quality of sound effects and rendering for Pioneer's actual gameplay? I ask because I was thoroughly impressed with how well the feel of the...
  11. Wulf

    EA Replay 2

    I doubt we have seen the first and last one of this series, and since a lot of the games were SNES ports...that leaves open the possibility that the lost WC2 could be ported in a future release as well. I have to admit, if that happens...the geek part of me will nova and send a shockwave...
  12. Wulf

    Maj.Striker's video, Standoff, etc...

    First, I want to say what a privilege it is to have people working to continue the Wing Commander epic. I don't know how to manipulate CG or program, nor do I have the time to learn how with what all is going on in my life, so all I can do is thirst for more. That being said, I want to say...
  13. Wulf

    Things weirder than Thrakhath riding TCS Victory as a sleigh..

    I saw that article about the Shrike menorah, and found the comment similar to this thread title quite amusing :p Actually, I had already thought of something for Thrakhath while I was at work 2 days ago. At RadioShack, one of the carols we have playing is Ashanti singing "Chestnuts Roasting...
  14. Wulf

    WCM Concept Art

    Those drawings are great! I wish the movie would have emulated them more, but at the same time I realize quality=money.
  15. Wulf

    Wings of Glory issues

    Hopefully someone's played this, I'm taking a shot in the dark here... After installing DOSbox, and the game, initial game sartup was successful. I can also load a game, look at the different planes, start a game, and view cinematics..oh and the music is fine. I start to load an actual...
  16. Wulf

    Kilrathi Saga on a modern engine

    After seeing how well Standoff is doing, I can't imagine how great it would be to see the old WC with graphics like X3 coming out. Not to mention the fact that soon programmers will be able to utilize 64mb processing rather than the 32mb CPUs of today. I'm optimistic about the possibility of...
  17. Wulf

    Weapons of the marines/army

    I got curious all of a sudden about the weapons of the ground forces involved in the WC Universe. I remember seeing an artist's conception of a soldier on the cover of Action Stations, various blades that the Kilrathi had (swords and claw-activated weapons) from in-game cinematics and the...
  18. Wulf

    Easter egg in Unknown Enemy (SPOILER warning!!!)

    SPOILER!!!!!! . . . . . . I need someone fluent in German to help me on this one please. If you click on the right window pane in the lounge/observation area of the Dauntless, the screen will change to the Tiger's Claw's rec room! The thing is, if I talk...
  19. Wulf

    Good to see everyone

    So much has happened this year for Wing Commander, so I just had to come back! I've finally had a chance to play Privateer after all these years, same for Secret Ops, and I've only just begun :D I'm really looking forward to playing Standoff, and Ranger as well when it is up for download...