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    PNR Films' Website is Credible

    There was a thread questioning whether the pnrfilms website was real or not. Sense it has not been updated and no on has heard back from emails. I just thought, why not check the website at network solutions. It gives you all the information you would need about who owns it. I did so, and...
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    Star Trek Nemesis Enemy Ship... Simular to Fralthi from WC2?

    As a disclaimer, I am not claiming an exact rip off to any extent. I love Star Trek to no end. From the Star Trek: Nemesis previews I thought the enemy ship, the Scimitar, looked simular to the Fraltha design from WC2. Now they released a very detailed picture of it squaring off against the...
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    Random WC related notes, from the desk of Firebird

    WC Threats/Insults: 1: If you kids don't shut up, we're going to New Detroit! 2: That boy's jump drive ain't working quite right. Thoughts about WC universe: 1: Whoever designed the Epee should be forced to use it in combat! I wonder... 1: if the Kilrathi had flea problems... or...
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    Next Game... the Mantu return?

    Next Game... the Mantua return? Now I may have slightly mispelled the name, but in the Books I know they refered to a race the Kilrathi had fought before the humans and they thought they may return, much stronger. Thrakath wanted some of the suprise fleet they used to attack Earth during the...
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    I'm new here, and I'm glad to see a WC community

    I'm a WC fan. Although I'm not as knowledgeable as some of you are, I have played and throughouly enjoyed: WC1 WC2 (secret ops missions too) WCP (Secret Ops too) I also have played Privateer and Privateer Richtous Fire, and also Privateer 2. I love the storyline and the entire universe...