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    offer: GDD assistance

    Hi, I might be able to help this project... I currently study Game Design & Development and I'm a member of the IGDA Utrecht University Game Development Club (That's a part of THE International Game Developers Association). Being a great Wing Commander fan I would glady help on this...
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    Confed + Borderworld vs Black Lance

    While reading the official Prophecy strategy guide I read last night that the Confederation and the Borderworlds combined forces after Tolwyn's capture, to defeat the Blacklance. Is there any information about this battle? Must have been hell of a fight...
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    Privateer 2 ending (Kindred)

    During the ending of Privateer 2 the Kindred (or whatever) becomes yours. Does this have any impact on the game if you deside to proceed? Is it possible to fly the Kindred planes? I never noticed anything...
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    Best WC Spacecraft?

    What's the best Wing Commander spacecraft? I think it's the Dragon. It's even better then the vampire. Nothing beats it's unlimited afterburners and unlimited cloak. Not to mention the fission guns. They must be the most powerfull beam weapon available in the Wing Commander universe. Autoaim...
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    Auto aim on Excalibur?

    Will the Excalibur in Wing Commander Saga have auto aim?