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    Fighter Introduction Dates

    Okay, since that wreck of a Saga Rapier thread had me thinking...I tried to compile a rough list of introduction dates on Confed fighters. I've added some conjecture (anything with a (?) next to it) and I tried to make sure that most variants seen throughout the series games, novels, movie, etc...
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    Scaling WC Fighters.

    Okay, this is an extrapolation based on the "Is the Raptor too big or the Claw too small" debate on the Tiger's Claw launch tubes thread. I took the Claw Marks images of the Rapier-II and Raptor scaled the latter to be in the proper scale with the former then compared them to(again) a scaled...
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    Jutland class

    Just flipped through the WC Bible, noticed something about the description preceding the Jutland class. The Waterloo is post-scripted with the words- "Waterloo-class cruisers are also configurable as carriers, with these modifications:" Followed immediately by the Jutland stats. The...
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    "On Laughter Silvered Wings" Pt.I

    Non-standard piece of fiction I guess, in that it doesn't involve things blowing up. More of a teaser than an actual chapter. The setting is 2670, about 10 months after the Treaty of Torgo. The title is taken from the poem "High Flight." "Ceres Unlimited Confederation Championship...
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    Escort vs Light Carrier.

    Strange thread title, but going through how they classified ships, it seemed like an interesting point of discussion. Namely, the difference between an "escort" carrier and a "light" carrier. While they make it clear that the new line of CVE's circa End Run were transport conversions(much...
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    Hellcat V, naming scheme question.

    Is the "Hellcat V" called the "V" as counted from the F6F or from generations of previous Confed Starfighters?(I'd always assumed it was the former. Much like the Thunderbolt VII, which could be counted from the P-47 origin, to the A-10 Thunderbolt II) If that were the case, why doesn't the...
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    Priv, Galaxy. Need pictures

    I've been making a 3D model of the Galaxy from Privateer, and I think I've been doing a decent job, however there's a few angles which I have no idea what they look like. Notably the bottom, and rear quarters. Does anyone have any referrence pics of this ship?
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    A couple beauty shots from the XWA conversion...

    A hornet And a Confed class dread..
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    Quick Qs about "carriers"

    Are the Kilrathi "fleet carriers"(Or "Old Style" carriers, if it's FA), all Snakeirs? Or did the Kitties have some sort of interim design(I don't see why'd be rather illogical for them not to....) since if there wasn't I was planning on making a new one for the XWA-WCTC(so it wouldn't...