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  1. LividLiquid

    I'm going to stream every main WC game.

    Hey, everybody. I haven't been active in the community for years, but I maintain a (semi un) healthy love of Wing Commander, and I'm about to spend the next several weeks streaming my replay of every main-line Wing Commander game. I'm starting with Wing Commander 1 today, Monday, April 17th...
  2. LividLiquid

    WC4 GOG Video

    I broke down and bought WC3 and 4 on GOG because of the sale over the weekend, and because I heard that the WC4 replaced the Disc version's compressed-to-hell video with DVD Quality video. Did I install the wrong codecs or something? The framerate on the video is WAY too high. It no longer...
  3. LividLiquid

    DOSBOX Win7 Priv2 Joystick Problem

    I'm running Windows 7 Starter on a Netbook. I've just beaten Privateer 1 through DOSBOX. It, too, had a joystick problem at first but I managed to fix it by setting the config to "2Axis". Now I've tried to run Privateer 2 and when it asks me to Calibrate the joystick (A Microsoft Sidewinder), I...
  4. LividLiquid

    Kilrathi Saga Prices

    I've been holding onto my copy of Kilrathi saga for ages thinking I'd never sell it, but now I'm in finantial trouble and need money to move to Houston. Thought I'd sell it. Last I checked it was worth about 300 on Ebay. And now... 30 bucks! What the hell happened?!
  5. LividLiquid

    Banned for three years.

    Banned for two years. I've been banned for about two years I think. Something like that. Haven't tried to log in or anything. Kinda' just wondering if this is going to work. Edit: Yay! :D
  6. LividLiquid


    The only fan project I've cared about for the longest time was Flight Commander. Is there ANY way I can get it to work on a Voodoo 5? Anybody? Any success stories?
  7. LividLiquid

    I'm going to cry.

    I have been using the same joystick since before Privateer 2 came out. It's lasted longer than every girlfriend and half the friends I've ever had. Today is the day the clown cries. Anybody know if they still sell Gravis Blackhawks anywhere? It's the only joystick my hand likes.
  8. LividLiquid

    Keyboard and Joystick.

    I recently reinstalled Kilrathi saga. My joystick stopped working, for some reason. It works in all other games. And it works in KS until I use the keyboard AT ALL! Any suggestions?
  9. LividLiquid

    Church of Man

    I've been absent from these boards for a few days due to the fact that I was sick and lazy. But being sick and lazy gave me the opportunity to fix my DOS box, and play some Privateer. I replayed Rightious Fire, and a couple questions popped into my mind. Firstly, what the hell happened to...
  10. LividLiquid

    Border Worlds and Militia

    I thought this deserved it's own thread. I recently stated that the Border Worlds millitia is in Gemini, and that is the millitia that you fly with\against in Privateer. I was promptly shot down. Why? Gemini sector IS the Border Worlds. Granted, the WCP map doesn't specify that Gemini...
  11. LividLiquid


    I've never played Super Wing Commander, as I've never owned a Macintosh or a 3D0. What was it like? What was the story? Did it really use the Armada engine? Were there people in it? This kind of thing. Thanks.
  12. LividLiquid

    WCP movies skipping again.

    Somebody here, (ChrisReid, I think.) Once explained to me how to get rid of the movie skipping in WCP, because none of the stuff in the tech faq worked. I've since reformatted, don't remember what I did, and the thread isn't here anymore. What happen?
  13. LividLiquid

    The real reason.

    (Really long rant coming up.) (SPOILER ALERT!) I, like others here, have been playing Wing Commander games since 1990. I was only seven. Crashed into the Tiger's Claw every time I tried to land for the first two months because I was too retarded to ask for permission to land. (What else...
  14. LividLiquid

    Lack of creativity?

    I was replaying WC2 again today, when I noticed a couple of things that bothered me. Firstly, Stingray's wingman dies in one mission. His name? Dallas. As in Dallas from Prophecy. Secondly, Spirit beats Blair in cards. Aces over eights. The same hand Vagabond wins with later on in the...
  15. LividLiquid

    What's your favorite game engine?

    From the Wing Commander games, of course. And I don't mean which game do you like the best, I mean which game was the most fun to actually FLY in. Which felt the most real to you all? My personal favorite is the Prohecy\SecretOps engine, followed closely by the Wing1\2 engine.
  16. LividLiquid

    Let me get this straight...

    Let me get this straight, just to clarify, the WC games include the following: 1 Wing Commander 2 Secret Missions 1 3 Secret Missions 2 4 WC 2 5 Special Ops 6 Special Ops 2 7 WC Academy 8 WC Privateer 9 WC Privateer: Righteous Fire 10 Wing Commander Armada 11 Some Armada...
  17. LividLiquid

    Prophecy MP3's.

    There's a decent selection of Prophecy Mp3's here on the CIC, but there's no music from in the actual game. The song I'm really looking for is the mission successful music from the SECOND half of the game. When it gets all slow and peaceful and cool. Does anybody know where I could find it?
  18. LividLiquid

    Dragon? Wha...?

    I've noticed that damn near everybody on these boards, and on the internet in general favors the dragon over any other WC fighter in history. Personally, my favorite ship was the Pirahna, because it was so fast, but that's just my opinion. I was wondering why you all liked it so much. It...
  19. LividLiquid

    Propecy and SB Live!

    I have a Voodoo5, an SB Live, and an AMD Duron 600. Prohecy's movies skip around. I read all the tech support stuff on how to fix it, but it doesn't work on my system, as I can't find a Full duplex sound option. Does anybody have any advice?