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  1. whodares2

    BREAKING NEWS: Wing Commander Academy on DVD (September 1, 2011)

    This is great news!! I am very excited for this. I can't wait.
  2. whodares2

    Wing Commander 1+2 re- released

    Wing Commander 1+2 has just been re-released on GOG. Fully compatible for windows xp, vista and 7 without having to do any tweaking. For those unfamiliar with the service it works like this: One time fee for game (obviously) No DRM! download however many times you choose whenver you want and...
  3. whodares2

    Kilrathi Saga WC2 in Win7

    A simple solution I know that works for WC KS and other old games on win 7x64 is to open your screen resolution window. That's it. Open the window and then start your game, voila, no more funky colors. Weird, I know.
  4. whodares2

    Privateer now available for Win 7

    Forgive me if this has been mentioned once before somewhere, but if not. Wing Commander Privateer is now available for dirt cheap at Here is a link. The game has been released with full compatibility with modern OS's. I...
  5. whodares2

    Wing Commander - Icons!

    Hmm... I would have to say: 1. Wingman statistics (deaths, kills etc.) and interactions 2. Adaptive storyline, you could be fail missions and still progress in different ways. 3. Immersive lore and universe 4. Addiction, I never wanted to put them down and I lost sleep until the collection...
  6. whodares2

    CIC Radio

  7. whodares2

    CIC Radio

    Thanks for the link. I found "summer of '55" enjoyable. Where can I find this WC Radio? Is there a link?
  8. whodares2

    Arena For the PC?

    The great thing about PC games though is that they are, by and large, cheaper than console games. Yes, consoles are cheaper than computers but over the course of a four or five year lifespan the extra $20-40 bucks that you pay for games kinda levels the playing field. Plus, of course, PC...
  9. whodares2

    New Wing Commander-esque Game?

    This game, I believe, is being released in the US on Sept. 24th. So it should already be in English right out of the box.
  10. whodares2

    New Wing Commander-esque Game?

    I don't know if anyone has posted anything about this, and if they have...sorry for the repetition. Apparently near the end of September, I beleive it to be the 24th, a new game called Tarr Chronicles will be released. This game, which is being developed in Russia, will apparently have an...
  11. whodares2

    Transformers movie

    I saw the movie last Friday. It made me want to find all of the original cartoons on dvd. The movie had me humming the old theme song for a couple of days, until I caved and bought the soundtrack.
  12. whodares2

    Your Favorite Taunt

    The first taunt that comes to my mind, which coincidentily made me laugh for the longest time was: "You're asking for it Garfield." Blair WC III.
  13. whodares2

    Most memorable wc moment

    Like so many others, my memories of WC are quite numerous. It is veryhard to pick out one. One of the first thoughts that come to my mind when I think of WC is in III and getting liquored and then flying a sortie. My best friend at the time (who I haven't seen for ages because I now live on...
  14. whodares2

    A Wing Commander Comic

    Great work NinjaLa. I think that your fonts and artistic style fit the WC universe well. I do hope that your keep them coming when you can, as I have enjoyed what has been shown so far. Keep it up.
  15. whodares2

    Interesting Behavior with Vista...

    I have just recently encountered the same problem. What type of video card are you using? Mine was nvidia and the problem was caused, I believe, by conflicting drivers. I had to completely uninstall my old drivers while then installing the new one 158.24. No conflict, no more graphic...
  16. whodares2

    probems running KS in Vista Home Pre.

    Happy ending (for once) Well my graphic problem seems to have solved itself. I tried many things in order to get WCKS 1&2 in playable shape. That includes reinstallations of both game and graphics drivers, disabling UAC and windows updates. Nothing seemed to work. Then I started to run...
  17. whodares2

    probems running KS in Vista Home Pre.

    Hello There, First off I'm sorry if I'm about to ask a for help on ground that may have been covered already. I've read how well WCKS is supposed to run with Vista, so I've just recently acquired WCKS from e-bay and was very excited to install it. To my chagrin WC 1 & 2 load from the...