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  1. Dean478

    Empire vs Confederation

    If there is one thing I'm having a slight difficulty accepting, it's this futuristic government in Star Citizen. I've not yet read all the lore updates, so I apologise if I ask a pointless question. In Wing Commander we had the Terran Confederation. It certainly seemed to mirror modern day...
  2. Dean478

    Strike Carrier Escorts & Move Air Masks

    Hello, I've got two quick questions that I couldn't find answers for. First one is regarding Strike Carriers. When WC was first released, I just assumed that we never saw any close escorts with the Tiger's Claw because of technical limitations of PCs at the time. Later on however in both the...
  3. Dean478

    CS Tiger Claw's battlegroup?

    First off I'm not sure what to call it. The games say TCS Tiger's Claw. The movie says TCS Tiger Claw and the books/handbooks say CS Tiger Claw. :P My main question however is regarding the non-existent escort for the Claw. I always assumed during the games that the reason we never saw the Claw...
  4. Dean478

    Ranks/Units in Pilgrim Truth

    Hello, Just a couple of quick questions: -Why is Hunter a Captain? In the film he was Lieutenant and it seems that this book is following that same continuity/re-imagining -Navy and a Space Force? Slightly confused by this. The way I understand it is in the original games the pilots were all...
  5. Dean478

    Wing Commander on Bluray anytime soon?

    I've seen the news a bout HD broadcasts but what's the chances of seeing it on bluray anytime soon? I'm planning to buy a region 4 DVD (now that I finally found one) but I'd rather not if I'm going to be replacing it like the rest of my film library.. :rolleyes: