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    Prophecy HiRes problem 1024x768

    Hello, I have a Problem with this Patch. My System: Win98SE, DirectX 8.1, Celeron 500, 192Mb Ram, Geforce4 Ti4200 64Mb - Forceware 81.xx, SB Live! & Realtek NIC The installation of the game runs well, the game runs well, the video runs well so far (I know the starting video already, so I...
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    Wing Commander for C64?

    High, I found this: it doesn't look like the real stuff.
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    Unreadable Disk7@ WC2

    Hello, I got a Problem, just my 7th Disk (WC2) shows sector errors. I'm just able to read the directory. Can somebody please send me the files. Please contact me via PM! @ Wedge I guess this is legal, because I own the Game. If there is a problem, just delete this.
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    Joystick calibration in Wing Commander 1 & 2

    Hello, m' I stupid? How do I find and calibrate the joystick in WC 1&2? It is a Thrustmaster pro compatible connected via AWE32. The Stick works fine with Privateer and X-Wing. Any game runs with its own Bootdisk. The Computer is a 486/66 with 32 mb 500 something hdd, CD-Rom,3,5" &...
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    German Popstar as an Actor in Prophecy

    Hello, i just remembered, that the German HipHop Star 'Smudo' is acting in one of the Videoclips. He is a member of the 'Fantastischen 4', the Band that brought German HipHop into the charts in Germany. He also outed himself as a big WingCommander Fan. As far as I remember it is the clip...
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    Max. CPU 4 WC 3/4, Prophecy, Privateer 2

    Hi, I have heard that this Games have a limit in CPU-Speed. Where is the upper speed limit for this Games? And another question: Is it better to use a Intel 166MHz with MMX or a 200MHz without? (Together with a Voodoo 2) and besides Overclocking :-), Or can I use my AMD K2 450? Background...
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    Hi, I just registered

    Hello, as an old Privateer-Fan, I'm reading here for a while now. I'm German, located at Stuttgart together with my wife and our dog. I'm 49 years old. And I'm still surprised for the long time people can talk about a game :-).