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    Wing Commander III Joystick Problem

    Maybe its because your joystick is digital and not analog - with old-school dos being unable to even begin to detect the newer modles. Ive come to the conclusion that that's the problem on my end...... though I do lack an analog joystick to test out my theory :eek:
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    WC running on W2K?

    What About SO ? Im on XP now, and every time It crashes on startup
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    Running Privateer/rf/armada/pg In Windows: Howto

    Small Update: I got Armada to work (yay!) on my Windows XP running Laptop under VMWARE. The Sound Is non Exsistant, There is no joystick support, and the game runs like C*R*A*P (realy realy slow) - so ive pretty much given up on that method I Set up a Real Dos Computer. And everything is fine...
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    Action Stations. . .

    ... Flack, Fragments.......or missiles. I remember missiles causeing (or at least implied so by the wingmen at the bar) mucho more damage in the early wing commanders when they directly hit the enemie ship's hull (up that Tail pipe !), instead of the shields. ... Then again you have wing...
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    Running Privateer/rf/armada/pg In Windows: Howto

    Great Thread First off great thread. I have jest downloaded the trial for VMware, and am currently configureing my memory and sound for Armada as I type this. Buuuuuuttttt......... there seems to be no way to set up high-audio or Joystick support according to the documintation. Anyone...
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    WCP:SO Editer

    Recently I have reinstalled SO (for the fifth time) as well as a few of the editors to give the game a little more challenge. Unfortunately one of the editors by the name of 'wcpedit' (available for download in the download section) has been giving me some problems. The most distinct problem...