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    Most Dominant Fighter of it's time...

    What fighter do you think is the most dominant fighter of it's time. Now when I ask this, I mean in large scale. In the hands of 100's of pilots throughout the course of the war, rather than in the hands of one pilot on a "suicide" mission :) I'm not a huge fan of it, but I had to say...
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    Playing Wing Commander 3 for the First Time

    Right now, I'm in the middle of playing Wing Commander 3 for the first time ever, thanks to my wife, who hooked me up on my birthday. I "found the keys left in the ignition" of the Excalibur, and though it is a good ship, I find myself returning again and again to the Arrow. The Arrow, I...
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    A very happy birthday =)

    My wife managed to snag a new-in-box copy of Kilrathi Saga for my birthday, the wonderful girl! I've never played WC3 before so I am looking forward to playing this classic until my computer blows up. What I was wondering, is if there are any patches or fixes that I will need to download...
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    What was that thing?!

    At the end of Privateer 2, you step on Vel's little umbilicle cord stomach thingy to kill him. What the hell was that thing?
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    Rachel creeps me out!

    Is anyone else creeped out by the whole Rachel-Casey thing in Prophecy? The chick is like twice his age and doesn't even look all that good anymore. Finley is older than Casey, but at least she still looks pretty good, and what about stiletto? The prophecy gold guide mentions something...
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    Trouble Installing Secret Ops

    I just got ahold of Prophecy : Gold. Prophecy installs and runs just fine, but whenever I try to install Secret Ops, I get a glide2x.dll is missing error and the program dies. I downloaded this dll and put it into my windows system directory and that fixed the error during install, but then...
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    6,000 Marines???

    The Midway can carry up to 6000 marines during wartime? How many Hercs are we talking to land all of these guys? Would the Midway have enough shuttles to land them all at once? Or would they be making multiple trips? How many boots does a Herc carry anyways?
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    Squadron Makeup

    Anybody know how many fighters and pilots make up a Confed fighter squadron. I am thinking 12 ships to 16 pilots or 16 to 16 for some reason.
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    Need some ships stats not found in CIC database

    I was wondering if there wereany more documents like this one : specifically for the Pelican, Plunkett, and Hades class?
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    Question for Wing Commander Swamis

    In the space of 10 minutes, how many fighters can each of the following "carriers" launch in an emergengy? 1) Tiger's Claw 2) Concordia from WC2 3) Victory 4) Lexington from WC4 5) Intrepid 6) Vesuvius 7) Ella Superbase 8) Midway
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    Nephilim Plasma Weapon as Orbital Bombardment

    If the plasma weapon on the Kraken was pointed at a planet like Earth, what kind of destruction are we looking at? I would think the presence of oxygen would amplify the explosive power of the plasma burst, but I was just a grunt, so I wouldn't really know. Anybody wanna take a crack at this...
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    WC1 is an Awesome Game

    I just got ahold of Wing Commander 1&2 plus all the secret missions add-ons. Before I was unable to play these games, but these ones worked so I got lucky I guess. I'm only 3 missions into WC1 (alas I have to work), but I totally dig the feel of the game. You really get the impression that...
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    A Couple Questions

    Sorry for all the questions. I was away from WC for a while and am just now coming back so I appreciate any insight you can lend me. 1) I recall in the ICIS manual (I can't verify this because I can't find it now so my data could be wrong too)it says that Maniac scored his 2000th kill which...
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    How many kills?

    How many Kills is it possible to get in Prophecy+Secret Ops? Also, how many of those are alien aces? ...I'm gonna make a run at this next week =)
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    PBEM's and Mr. Kat

    Does anybody know if there are any active Wing Commander PBEM's? Also, I am looking for a Mr. Kat plushie for my wife. Anybody know where to find one or if they exist?