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    Sequel to the Tomorrow War Announced

    There are a lot of space games in russian only.. Not knowing if one of them will be availible to north america and european market.
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    Privateer: Ascii Sector

    Thats a pretty nice ascii style of a game here. Wish it had more of an original setting but thats just ok, and I'm still looking to see how the gameplay is done.
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    Allegience, Freespace 2 and the State of the Spacegenre

    Lets see here, I never played Allegiance, I played freespace 2 sometimes as single player but not multiplayer. Parsec is dead after the source code got realeased. X2 - The threat was Starship Tycoon. Freelancer was a fun game but it didn't show any realism especially the no joystick...
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    Computer game quotes

    "You see this guy, hes not alone. I think its just not safe to stay in the miberty system." - Trant from Freelancer
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    A future Space Sim

    I wish I can create a custom space sim. Unfortunitly, C++ requires memorizing almost 1000 keywords which I'm not good at. I can write only very simple text-based environment only programs with this language. However, I do create a very large varity of models of starfighter ships with...