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    Wing Commander reality

    War is a common thing not only to people who served in the WW2 but to people born recently you switch on the TV and you see people at war every day. Sometimes wars start for any reason. And its not just Wing Commander who depicts War in Humanity's Future Star Trek, Babylon5, Blade Runner...
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    Your Favorite ship

    My Fav Wing Commander Ship has to be the "Banshee from WCIV"
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    Changing callsign on this chat page

    Thanks Silent Warrior but i can't, if I want to use my E-mail address with the new callsign.
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    Changing callsign on this chat page

    Can someone help me I need to change my name and put a callsign can anyone tell me how?
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    Privateer 2: game questions

    Hi about Privateer 2 I have completed the game but when the credits come up it says that I have some unfinished business what should I do?
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    WC Mechandise

    Sorry about the Blair thing. I was wondering if anyone knew were to buy Wing Commander books,CCG Cards, CDs, anything to do with WC over here in the U.K.
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    Squadron names poll

    my top three are: 1) Angelheart Squadron 2) Fire Birds Squadron 3) Sky Demon Squadron
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    Blair isn't DEAD

    Pika pika! [This message has been edited by Quarto (edited May 22, 2000).]
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    Rising In Ranks

    Hi I'm new to this chat board and I was wondering if you could tell me how you can rise the ranks is there something you need to do.
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    New Wing Commander

    Come on in Prophecy the twist was Hawk going all mental and attacking the Kilrathi. Now Blair coming back for the next game but as an Alien, come on you knew it was coming we found out that the aliens were using the DNA of everyone they could get their hands on humans and Kilrathi. A good...
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    New Wing Commander

    Come on If you saw the end of Prophecy you see him with the laser rifle an Alien jumps from above at that point you hear a buzz he obviously was able to kill the alien. Then it goes outside to the exploding wormhole the ship is coming through the station breaks off hits the ship and goes...
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    New Wing Commander

    They have to make a new Wing Commander They really have to. Because What can we play if there isn't another game anyway I know for sure Blair survived But I just want to know what happened to him, we all do. [This message has been edited by James Wilson (edited May 21, 2000).]