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    CF-105 Scimitar

    A magnificent work (of art) right there.
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    IMPORTANT: Standoff Episode 5 patch 1.27 now available

    Best of wishes to the happy couple!
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    Updated Status... 08/07/09

    I understand how people want to play privateer, but for me Wing Commander has always been space fights in the spirit of WW2 carrier actions. A sort of Midway in Space if you will. Besides, once you have done say a simple 10 missions' campaign, it would be easy to see what works in the game...
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    IMPORTANT: Standoff Episode 5 patch 1.27 now available

    I just like to thank you for stomping all bugs you can find. It is very much appreciated, as it will result in a cleaner mod for all of us concerned with as less crashes as possible. No, didn't have time to play this yet. I sure am going to, though. Is a separate download for 1.28 available...
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    Last Words: A New Birth of Fandom (August 11, 2009)

    ...we few, we happy few...
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    Wing Commander Standoff: Episode Five Released (August 11, 2009)

    Could it be that those cards lack proper OpenGL support? IIRC, the new patch was using OpenGL for all the new graphical updates. Unfortunately many cards, especially those on laptops, don't support OpenGL, at all, so, unfortunately, something like what you wrote about, happens.
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    Website Update, August 7th

    I understand that with the patching system in place this could be downloaded in the future automatically, but I would like to ask for a downloadable version, so that the -hopefully few- of us who don't have an internet connection at home can transfer it to that PC via the USB. Anyways, it is...
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    Website update, July 31

    Best of luck on the final strech. We 're all rooting for ya!
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    Website update, July 10th

    It is hard to put the finishing touches on something as big and powerful as this, but it has to be done.
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    Website update, May 22nd

    Take all the time you need. This feature, even if all want it never to be used, might just be needed in the end. In some WC related news of mine, I did manage to come across a WC movie clearout in a local DVD club and bought it for 2 Euros. Talk about underpriced... Anyways, this got me...
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    Episode 5 release date announcement

    Seeing that my birthday is August 9 and I have been following Standoff since at least 2002, I have got to thank you guys in advance for a great birthday gift, as well! (kidding) Honestly, CIC deserves all the accolades it is getting as without it, nobody would have know of Standoff, all of us...
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    Website update, April 24th

    1 to go! Take all the time you need, guys, we'll still be here! It wasn't when I started modding myself that I realised what a time-consuming hobby it is. Especially when you are out to get as many bugs as possible. You can't put a price on perfection, you just need time and effort go get...
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    Website update, April 17th

    I think this is about the best thing one could say for the game and music to the ears of us waiting to play it. Go Team, Go!
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    Website update, April 17th

    Thank you so much guys for the continuing hours you put into this. Much appreciated!
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    Website update, April 10th

    Thank you for your continuing work in this. I am certain it isn't easy and I am so looking forward to playing the entire campaign, (even though it will take me months to finish!)
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    Website Update, March 13th

    Thank you all for an amazing game!
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    Progress Update #3

    I also hope that we will see more of this goodness!
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    Website update, Feb. 20th

    I still remember drooling over the old dralthis that were shown back before epeisode 1 was released. And now, we are heading for the final instalment. It is so great to see a great project finally finished. I am certain you guys will finish Standoff and somehow a simple "Thank you!" sounds...
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    Website Update - December 15th, 2008

    Thank you so much for your valiant effort to bring good solid gaming back to its roots. As an older gamer, I remember 18 years ago trying to play WC1 on an Amstrad PC 1640 with twin 5-1/4 drives. You would need to swap 7 disks to play a mission... and it was S.L.O.W. Now, with all the gadgets...
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    It is amazing to see such progress. I haven't logged since 5-23-2006, but I had to let you guys know what an excellent episode this one (as well as the 2 previous ones) are. My personal opinion on Standoff is that from this day forward, all Wing Commander games, commercial or fan made will be...